Can you design the website? Do you have the skills and experience required to become a great web designer? To complete a task, you require a particular set of skills which can be acquired through regular training and practice. Everyone in the world is born talented. While some find their talent and passion to be leading to a fulfilling career other may have a different approach towards a particular skill to survive. How do you think a talent can be measured? Is it in the work that he creates or the impact that it creates on the people? Many countries create a pool of the people having a various set of skills to bring a authenticity and transparency to the Market.

While countries may be doing what they like to do about the skill development programmes, but what they really lack in the system is the absence of the transparent and reliable talent discovery programmes. The traditional education system has commoditized the various degrees and certificate courses making the system redundant. There are various stages of the skill management which is lacking from the programmes and in general business scenario.

If a company hires a fresh talent then the management, growth and contextualization of the skill are all dependent on the Kind of Framework that Company adopts regarding the fresh talent. We are seeing the results of it in many sectors including the labour market and productivity scale of a company. Do you think a platform can be created which manages the talent of the people in the proper way?

Solution Offered

SKYLLZ, a platform developed by the WORKKOLA is implementing the "SKYLLZ DISTRIBUTED PLATFORM". It is an open source and distributed platform. Validating the skill by utilizing the automated portfolios built by the skills touchpoint Applications or Stapps, SKYLLZ aims to bring the transparent Human Skills Ecosystem to the forefront of the business and people. Utilising Proof of Skill to rate a user registered on the platform, they will build the unique portfolio for each of the users.

Raters, who rate the skills of the users are experienced users of the particular skill and earn rewards for their services. They have seven rules under which the SDP works for everyone on the Platform. Utilising ethereum Blockchain to store the data related to the user, SKYLLZ will offer a non-tradeable and traceable asset to the ecosystem.


They have created SKT Token for utilising the services offered by the SKYLLZ. It is an ERC-20 Compliant Token. The exact dates of the ICO are yet not announced but you can join them on different channels for the latest updates about the company. The team behind the SKYLLZ is WORKKOLA, WHICH is a two-year-old company working in the talent solution and management.

They have more than 17K students on the platform with more than 1500 companies as partners. They are creating an opportunity for the students to showcase their skills and talent to the right company.


We all are people who are highly talented in a particular field but lack basic fundamental in some other fields. This is a natural characteristic of the human beings. Today, a person's talent and skill are measured according to the standardised test and exams. But, nobody can change the value of the real-life experience which is required once you enter your independent professional and personal life. Education has new meaning in the age of the technology which is vastly different from the traditional world of Education and knowledge. Education technology market has become the powering force in the life of students and company.

Forecasted to be 94 billion dollars by 2020, the ed tech solution market is in the right direction. People have the opportunity to showcase their skills and talent by not presenting their degrees but solving the real-life challenges that the companies face on a daily basis. The SDP platform brings meritocracy as the focal point of the talent management and hiring. Allowing companies to select the best candidate for the specific job which demands specific skill set, they are changing the rules of the game.

With companies moving on the online recruitment solution, the market is forecasted to be 23 billion dollars by 2020. CVs are becoming a thing of the past and will be replaced with human centred metrics, validations and endorsement based on the hard and soft skill. I think they are ready for the big splash on the market with a unique approach towards talent branding. Are we ready to hire people based on the latest methods?

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