Ionomy PWR-GRD: the Easy Onramp for Monetizing Games with Blockchain (Presented by Ionomy Studios)

Sponsor Speakers:
Adam Matlack (Chief Strategist, ionomy)
Michael Pfeiffer (Chief Communications Officer, ionomy)

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Topic: Monetization
Format: Sponsored Session

Digital currency based on blockchain technology is revolutionizing gaming economics. Its programmable nature enables self-governing, decentralized networks that substantially lower costs and increase reliability, while empowering users. ionomy fosters a rich, developer-friendly ecosystem using cryptocurrency to incentivize rapid growth and cost reduction. ionomy lets game developers easily integrate monetary incentives that attract and retain gamers. Developing games is hard enough without having to learn an entire new technology. That's why ionomy's PWR-GRD makes it easy to plug into APIs linking games to cryptocurrency. With PWR-GRD, developers tap into an audience of motivated gamers eager to play and earn crypto.

Game developers discover the advantages of offering digital currency incentives to gamers; study examples of success cases; and gain an understanding of how successive adoption of ION may affect supply and demand dynamics (including a potential scenario of exponential growth).

Intended Audience
Game developers interested in using blockchain technology to improve funding, reduce marketing costs, and expand revenue streams. Investors interested in promoting game development and sustainable economic models involving blockchain and smart incentives based on economic psychology. Presenters are happy to address questions about the models and practices during the event.

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