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The KWHCoin project is very concerned about small distributed resources, such as wind power generation, household solar panels, and electric vehicles. This project provides an opportunity for local communities to participate in the renewable energy economy. Solar energy generators, electric transport, wind power and hydropower will receive distributed energy sources. Furthermore, these resources will be converted to tokens in Blockchain.

In the modern world, ecological problems, the use of natural resources and environmental protection are very acute. One of the latest developments affecting this problem is the energy of the internet. There is The Grid's digital network, which combines energy producers and consumers. It will serve as a database for participants and become a platform for working on renewable energy sources. The KWH team uses Blockchain technology with Smart Contracts to develop networks to share clean energy sources.

KWHCoin will be a profitable digital energy currency for the task of maximizing primary energy consumption to the maximum and replacing it with a renewable one for every transaction on the platform. Network members will be able to use digital tokens for renewable energy trading. Developers plan to create a system that is an environmentally friendly company, which will use the latest technologies and advancements.

The objectives of the project are to reduce the cost of solar energy, support investors who contribute to distributed energy sources, facilitate access to renewable energy in different parts of the world, and create local renewable energy companies. Developers will create a competitive platform that allows consumers to make independent energy source choices. This, in turn, will allow citizens to contribute to environmental protection.

Blockchain and other conveyed record innovation frameworks are the fundamental conventions used to secure KWHCoin and the execution of vitality exchanges on the KWHCoin stage.

Conveyed vitality tokens made will be distinguished vitality tokens on The Grid. KWHCoin has no focal storehouse and no single director so the whole system has this vitality organization later on, amplifying an incentive at all purposes of creation and age of disseminated vitality sources. This vitality organization model will have an adjusting impact on every one of the assets that add to esteem age.

KWHCoin is a digital currency powered by kilowatts and combines data on energy consumption. To gain strength, network members use testimonials and data on the platform. Furthermore, the power transforms into a token with the creation of a digital asset. KWHCoin Tokens are designed for widespread use and will become the main currency in the field of Internet energy through the intent of the developer.
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How does it work?

KWHCoin is based on blockchain technology composed of 4 main parts:

  • Cryptography: Provides the security for the network and allows the ability and ability to own transactions.

  • Protocol Consent: Create a common and reliable platform for community members to openly cooperate and exchange.

  • Smart contracts: Permits peer trust transactions between members of the community and allows interactions to be enriched.

Distributed network: All members of the community have access to the same communication channels.
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Grid Platform is a mobile or stationary app. Apps for Android and iOS, and to work on the Internet. Grid's goal is to create future energy companies and promote environmental protection. Platform payment on the platform will be a KWHCoin Token. The ICO launch will take place on February 8, 2018. This application will allow participants to exchange, bargain, donate. User platform experts in clean energy, consumers, environmental supporters, renewable energy producers.

KWH plans to become a leader in the production and consumption of environmentally friendly and renewable energy in scale. The network will be decentralized through the use of Blockchain technology. According to plan, the power team will be provided by millions of people who are not available at this time. Dependence on natural resources will also decline. The platform will be open to participants from different social strata and is intended to support transparency in the exchange of information. Decentralized networks will improve security, eliminate central government needs, reduce costs and expand opportunities for participants.

The KWHCoin Token will not have a central repository. The coin holder is the owner of the platform. No one can modify the data in the system. The registry of all information and transactions will be available through the Grid application. All of this helps attract users with the opportunity to contribute to the making of a network of renewable energy sources. The KWHCoin digital currency will continue to trade in the world currency exchange. The Internet will be used as an array for transportation and clean energy diversion.

The KWHCoin Token will consist of the following types: energy-saving, energy-saving switches, need-control tokens, microwave, solar energy, thermal tokens, and humanity. The KWHCoin project will provide a stable digital currency to support areas of the world that do not have access to energy markets.

The crowd sale event for KWH Coins has started from 7th February 2018. The price of each KWH Coin will be decided as per their market demands. Investors and stakeholders from all over the world are invited to participate in our ecosystem via purchasing KWH Coins at cheaper rates with the assurance of safe investments.
Allocation of Token

195 million KWH tokens will be made to start a sophisticated renewable energy economy

10% ICO

5% Pre Sale

53% funds for 4 product offerings

5% business and administration

27% Founders, core developers, and humanitarian partners

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