KWH Coin is a new project, based and designed on blockchain technology where the ecosystem is completely backed up with the virtual currencies. We have brought an innovative application called as grid which has been incorporated with the smart meters, green button data and sensor reading tools. Smart Meters and their billing calculation tools are just awesome while working and calculating. These all tools allow us to measure the output in order to generate KWH coins or tokens. KWH Coin platform is going to provide equal chances of participation in global electricity system by building such platform through which they will have the freedom of trading the KWH Coins (generated after the conversion of traditional Kilo Watt Hour units of energy). The native crypto KWH coins are going to make it possible for the users and customers to select their energy resources providers and can sell their units to anyone around the glove via our grid application. Hence, we are heading towards our strategy of Energy Independence (

The circulated advanced systems of appropriated vitality makers and shoppers are known as The Grid. Framework is likewise the name of versatile and work area applications that both fill in as open source databases for vitality exchanges for arrange members on the stage and as stages for joint effort of sustainable power sources. KWHCoin is the first token and trade medium for all exchanges on the stage, and is imperative for the security and trustworthiness of value-based an incentive for arrange members.

KWHCoin mission

Our objective at KWHCoin is based around, building and keeping up a solid group with trust in its venture and mission. To fabricate a solid and dynamic group, we will achieve every single important discussion and sites. In particular: Reddit, Github, Medium, Slack, Facebook, Twitter, and Bitcointalk

Group based objectives are delegated takes after:

Fabricate people group for the most recent vitality, condition, environmental change backers and vitality experts.

Enhance the personal satisfaction all inclusive, and give the people to come for a sheltered situation

Building people group for business people, bootstrappers, promoting, social, business, and sales representatives (deals)

Manufacture people group systems for cryptographic money fans, engineers and programmers through Slack’s interior channels.

Assemble a fun and intelligent group of socially propelled people

The crowdsale event for KWH Coins have started from 7th February 2018. The price of each KWH Coin will be decided as per their market demands. Investors and stakeholders from all over the world are invited to participate in our ecosystem via purchasing KWH Coins at cheaper rates with assurance of safe investments. For more details, please visit us at

KWH project will charge minimum transaction fee and charges via sending or receiving amounts in KWH Coins and this will bring the bigger change, as low transaction fee will definitely attract maximum number of investors and individuals to participate in renewable energy resources exchange. This new way of getting energy at cheaper rates will be expanded by setting new trends in this energy sector. The “Billing Model” of KWH Coins is another innovation from our side in order to reduce and eliminate all chances of frauds while bringing maximum level of transparency and fairness in processing of billings.

KWHCoin Organizational Structure

The authoritative structure of KWHCoin will be worked by the establishing group of our organization, primary speculators, accomplices and interdisciplinary group of center individuals. This gathering will construct technique and characterize vision.

The group’s vital parts are as per the following:

Founder — Provides proposals and points of view that will use the brilliant contract to actualize organize basic leadership.

Director — Our individuals are the innovative work mechanical assembly for the stage. The part of the Board of Directors is to fabricate the center library and give the scholarly structure to the stage

System Contributors — These are arrange generalists who take part in ventures identified with their particular industry.

Developer — Members will comprise of innovation and improvement instruments for all center advances and innovation improvement

Funding — We are allocated to KWHCoin in an open Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for the finish of January 2018. We are sure that we will gather adequate assets for the underlying expense of the venture and will have the capacity to support application improvement and authority dispatch.

Blockchain KWHCoin

Blockchain and other conveyed record innovation frameworks are the fundamental conventions used to secure KWHCoin and the execution of vitality exchanges on the KWHCoin stage.

Conveyed vitality tokens made will be distinguished vitality tokens on The Grid. KWHCoin has no focal storehouse and no single director so the whole system has this vitality organization later on, amplifying an incentive at all purposes of creation and age of disseminated vitality sources. This vitality organization model will have an adjusting impact on every one of the assets that add to esteem age.

KWHCoin Energy Source

Disseminated vitality sources are physical and advanced resources put all through the appropriation arrange, generally near the heap, and typically behind the meter. They can be utilized independently or aggregately to rate the network, singular client or both. The advance of expanding power conveyance through wasteful and brought together summon control has made open doors for an elective framework.

Allocation of Token

195 million KWH tokens will be made to start a sophisticated renewable energy economy

10% ICO

5% Pre Sale

53% funds for 4 product offerings

5% business and administration

27% Founders, core developers, and humanitarian partners

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