ION is an all new cryptocurrency dedicated to mobile and online gaming. ION is for anyone who loves the internet, games, cryptocurrency, earning, and all things fun.

2018 Road Map Update!

Since its inception, Cryptocurrency has struggled to reach the masses due to its complexity and difficult barriers of entry. ION changes that. The objective of the ION is to make it easy for any user to enter the crypto space and allow them to learn in an incredibly intuitive and easy way. Multiple tiers of accessibility from mobile to desktop will make the platform an option for nearly all users of the internet.


At the heart of the system, lies the core asset: ION


Algo: Proof of Stake 3.0 / Masternodes

Initial Coin Supply: 10,900,000 ION
Total Coin Supply: 50,900,000 ION

  • 3.4 million ION: participation incentives given away by ionomy.com
  • 2.5 million ION: bounties for coin development
  • 5.0 million ION: for offer through Initial Coin Offering

Avg Block Time: 60 seconds (Re-targeting every block)
Block height: 1 kb to 8 mb
TX Fee: .0001 ION (paid to masternodes)

Zerocoin Protocol (xION): coin mixing service for added Privacy

  • Custom accumulator check-pointing system
  • Accumulator Encryption: RSA-2048
  • xION Denominators: 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000
  • Mint time: >= 0.5 seconds
  • Spend time: >= 2.5 seconds
  • ION Maximum single Spend limit: 35,000
  • Maximum single Spend denomination count limit: 7
  • Fees (mint): 0.01 ION per minted xION denomination.
  • Fees (spend): No fee to spend xION back to ION.
  • Minimum ION confirmation count required to mint xION: 6 confirmations
  • Minimum xION confirmation count required before spend: 20 confirmations
  • Maturity requirement before xION can be spent: 2
    (new identical denomination mint added to accumulator)

Staking Wallet:

  • No Minimum,
  • 50% Block Rewards
  • Requires wallet to be kept running & online.
  • 101 confirms maturity

Masternode Requirement:

  • 20000.0000 ION 15 block confirmations (Minimum and Maximum)
  • Peer validated network uptime
  • Private transactions (0.01 ION fee to masternodes)
  • Active masternodes proportionally receive 50% of each block reward.

Block Reward Schedule
Year 1: 23 ION/Block (Completed) - 12 million/year
Year 2: 17 ION/Block (570062) - 9 million/year
Year 3: 11.5 ION/Block (1013538) - 6 Million/year
Year 4: 5.75 ION/Block (1457014) - 3 Million/year
Year 5-10: 1.85 ION/Block (3677390) - 1 Million/year
Year 11-100: 0.2 ION/Block - 100k/year - 9 million total


Bitcoin Core 0.15.x - updating

Masternode: - updating

Zerocoin Protocol - updating

SwiftTX transactions - updating



The ionomy is for everyone. It’s not limited by geography. Any user with access to a current mobile device and the internet can join to take full advantage of the platform and its offerings. Gamer's, developers, traders, crypto enthusiasts, and investors can all find options and features that cater to their interests.
The ionomy.com platform appeals to gamers of all levels of familiarity with cryptocurrency, allowing them to leverage the value of ION. In-game advantages and avenues to monetary rewards are universally exciting. It’s easy to join and start earning more ION. ionomy.com bridges the gap between complexity of cryptocurrency and the easy familiarity of mobile gaming. The combination of investment opportunities and gaming will attract users with varying experience and interests.



ionomy.com is a community hub for programmers, designers, and content creators interested in integrating ION and ionomy.com tokens through in-app purchases, achievement rewards, upgrades, and subscriptions. We aim to make it easy to integrate our APIs, collaborate with talent to optimize games, and quickly crowdfund and deploy new projects.


ionomy.com’s integrated financial, gaming, and social platforms provide both basic investment opportunities through staking and trading as well as advanced opportunities through gaming and social participation. Exchange pairs will exist for every component in the staker fueling process, including ION/BTC and an electrons market. Additional markets, trading pairs, and currencies will be added as the ION economy grows. ION, the digital currency, also offers opportunities for investors to grow their assets through independently operated QT wallets and masternodes.


LIGHTNING - Freemium Solutions

Integrate ionomy Lightning to add cash-like tournaments and the ION advantage to your freemium games. Multi-platform coherence, discounted purchases, and enhanced revenue sharing ensure gamers come back again and again to compete to win ION.

THUNDER - Premium Solutions

Thunder monetizes premium game developers with In Game Currency (IGC) and Real Money Trade (RMT). Get the message out loud and clear that your game is worth playing. Gamers can’t resist the lure of play for fun and money.

JUMPSTART - Crowdfunding for Developers

ionomy Jumpstart connects game developers with investors, gamers, and testers. Everything you need to build, launch, and refine your game. Jumpstart your game with a thriving community, invested in your success.

ALCHEMY - Multicurrency Services

Transform your digital assets with a click or a tap. Whether you need an exchange, a web wallet or a hosted masternode, ionomy.com has a solution for you to manage your ION, Dash, Pivx, LTC, BTC, ETH, NEO, ionomy tokens, and more.

SPARK - Ad Network

Game developers use Spark to monetize their freemium Games. Enjoy prompt payouts, low fees, and easy set up. Featuring native integration for ionomy partners, developers get paid fast and advertisers reach their targets — without all the fuss.

DARK MATTER - An intrinsically deflationary token on the ION blockchain.

Activity on games built with the ionomy.com Power Grid service accelerate the deflation of Dark Matter (XDM). Each time XDM is transacted and each time a new token is generated, a portion of it is destroyed (burned).

Thus the gaming business activity helps drive its fundamental scarcity. And scarcity, in turn, drives value.