January 20, 2018 -

Hello ionomy community,

It’s been nearly two years since ionomy.com and ION changed the way games are played and made.


The ionomy Team is proud of the accomplishments in partnership with the ionomy community, ionomy Studios, and the ION Core Development Team. Together, we developed a high-tech cryptocurrency and financial platform. We built the infrastructure for a thriving game development ecosystem. Now we’re entering a new phase: The Business of Fun.

Updated 2018 Roadmap

In 2017, the team shared its vision for the PWR-GRD — ionomy’s full service support for game developers. Today, we’re delighted to share our strategy for how to bring that vision to life.


The new plan engages every level of the ION ecosystem, beginning with the systems and developer tools that drive the PWR-GRD. And on the front end, a major makeover for the ionomy.com platform.

Ready to ride? Buckle up! — It’s gonna be fun.

0_1516424179232_POWERGRID.png 0_1516424152563_IONOMYSTUDIOS.png 0_1516423795994_IONCORE.png
Q1 – 2018 Q1 – 2018 Q1 – 2018
Lightning API — Public Beta The Moon or Bust (TMoB) — Public Release Tokens on ION blockchain
Alchemy Exchange — Private Alpha Crypto Gravity (Reboot) — Public Beta Mobile wallet (Android)
Thunder API — Private Alpha ION Heat — Public Beta Advanced, user-friendly wallet replaces Qt
JumpStart — Private Alpha Partnership Announcements and Games Integrate Bitcoin Core improvements, ion-cli
Spark Ad Network — Private Alpha Dark Matter (XDM) Crowdsale Binaries for all major architectures and platforms
Alchemy Exchange — BTC, LTC, and ION pairs IONian OS
Alchemy Wallet — LTC, Dash, XMR
Alchemy Wallet — SegWit support
Conference and tradeshow speaking, sponsorships, and exhibits
Q2 – 2018 Q2 – 2018 Q2 – 2018
Lightning — Public Release ION Heat — Public Release ionomy Thunder token BaaS
Alchemy — Private Beta Urban Words — Public Beta Mobile wallet (iOS)
Thunder API — Private Beta Third Party Games integrate into ION ecosystem Enhanced Masternode security and privacy
JumpStart — Private Beta DASH and PIVX Masternode Hosting Packages/installers for all major platforms
Spark — Private Beta Alchemy Wallet — ETH, NEO, and BCASH Support for Blocknet DEX (BIP 65)
Dark Matter (XDM) Crowdsale + airdrop Alchemy Exchange — DASH, PIVX, NEO pairs Improved blockchain sync performance
Alchemy Wallet — Lightning Network support
"Sell ION" without an account
Q3 – 2018 Q3 – 2018 Q3 – 2018
Alchemy — Public Beta Send ION by email Masternode network offloads token processes
Thunder API — Public Beta Mobile app — account / game management
Atoms, Electrons, and XDM transactable on-chain Swarm MM Service — Private Alpha
JumpStart — Public Beta
Spark — Public Beta
Swarm Multiplayer — Private Alpha
Q4 – 2018 Q4 – 2018 Q4 – 2018
Alchemy — Public Release Swarm MM BaaS — Public Beta Masternode Quorums (Delegated Consensus)
Thunder API —Public Release Enhanced privacy features
JumpStart — Public Release SegWit support
Spark — Public Release I2P support
Swarm Multiplayer — Public Beta
Game Developer Tools and Workshops

Road Map can also be viewed at ionomy.com

— The ionomy team

P.S. Speaking of fun rides: On Monday, ionomy Studios announces a spectacular new partnership alongside a thrilling new game! So be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Discord, or Telegram and stay updated.