Looking at the ION volume it is clear to see that ION is not yet of interest to traders. Without the volume there is unlikely to be any pump as it's simply too high risk. ION does not necessarily need to be attractive to traders however a high volume will help move IONs from sellers to buyers more quickly thus allowing faster price expansion so it is within our interests to receive a much higher trade volume for this reason alone.

To upgrade ION to a higher trade volume we simply need more awareness and exposure much of which will come with time and trust. At any point a new development could be the spark that ION needs and a single new incoming whale loading up could do that alone, this can often encourage others sitting on the fence to finally make a move.

TeamION do not run a hype-based project and so traders do not get the opportunity to speculate on what is coming or might be coming (as with other altcoins). So we are dependent on real developments and there could be any number of them just around the corner. So I am holding tight.

In my opinion at any moment ION could take off and receive all the interest it needs.