What BS!

Parity Technologies has just released a proposal for reclaiming its lost funds.

In a blog post published soon before press time, the ethereum software company confirmed that a hard fork will be necessary in order to reactivate the $160 million-worth of ether (ETH) that was frozen last month due to a fault in the code.

The company wrote:

"No one should be under any illusion that unlocking these stuck funds would be anything other than a rescue operation – and would only be possible with a hard fork."

Parity revealed that its preferred fix would be made via protocol changes to the ethereum virtual machine (EVM). According to the blog post, this would be as a "functional enhancement to the platform" that would both restore the lost funds and protect against similar cases in future.

Source: https://www.coindesk.com/parity-proposes-hard-fork-to-reclaim-frozen-160-million/