The joy to live in a world that gives hope to the teeming population and provides a good opportunity to address increasing environmental and energy issues has led me to visit,
A decentralized waste, to discover a master class that is an energy platform which is 4NEW
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4NEW Limited was founded to meet the challenge of ceaseless waste management, transforming it into usable energy for human consumption. 4NEW Limited is the world's first Blockchain integrated Waste to Energy utility. 4NEW will modernize the waste and energy industry by providing wholesaler services within the utility sector fully integrated into an open source, the decentralized public exchange that allows consumers and peers to exchange their 4NEW coins for payments within the 4NEW ecosystem.
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The 4new company which is based in the UK aims to convert waste from households to Energy. This energy would be sold back to households or aggregates and companies with 15–20% discount. There will be no more landfills no more ground’s pollution! The discount like this is possible to provide by 4NEW to households and clients in general just because there will be no fees for landfills and since the plants will be placed near cities, transport and so on will be highly reduced!
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The above illustration shows the roadmap of the platform. 300, 000, 000 tokens have been created for total supply. One hundred million coins (100,000,000) are allocated to each plant site. If only one plant site is launched then the remaining two hundred million coins (200,000,000) will be placed in corporate treasury until such time as the management team is ready to acquire additional properties to build additional plants. The ICO is in four categories.
17th October to 23rd October, 2017 -1 ETH = 264 FRNC (55% BONUS COINS)
24th October to 31stOctober, 2017- 1 ETH = 242 FRNC (40% BONUS COINS)
1stNovember to 14thNovember, 2017-1 ETH = 220 FRNC (30% BONUS COINS)
15th November to December 15th, 2017-1 ETH = 170 FRNC.
To get more about the 4NEW coin offering, navigate to the token offer contained in the ‘White Paper’ at I just got mine right away! Let’s help society get better in waste-to-energy conversion and provision!!
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