Going cuckoo over Crypto... lol

Last week, AxiomZen studios launched Crypto Kitties, an Ethereum-based game where you can buy and breed cute digital cats.

Then, as with every cat thing on the Internet, it promptly blew up. So far, people spent over $6.4 million on these virtual cats. The most expensive one, the genesis cat, sold for a whopping $115,000 a few days ago.

The popularity of Crypto Kitties caused a lot of anger and confusion online. Granted, at first glance, this looks completely silly. But, believe it or not, Crypto Kitties marks the beginning of a massive digital revolution. To understand why, we first need to learn about the blockchain, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Source: https://thenextweb.com/syndication/2017/12/08/crypto-kitties-perfect-example-blockchain-matters/