GE, with a $123 bln annual revenue and 295,000 employees globally, still remains as a leading US-based conglomerate. In July of 2016, the market valuation of GE briefly surpassed $300 bln, nearing the market cap of other major firms like JPMorgan. But, since 2015, GE has struggled, as its market cap fell by nearly 50 percent.

Meanwhile, since 2015, the market cap of Bitcoin has increased from $2.5 bln to $185 bln, by 74-fold.

Unfair comparison
As a store of value and a digital currency, the market valuation of Bitcoin should rather be compared to other assets, stores of value and currencies such as gold and reserve currencies. But, it is important to acknowledge the rapid growth rate of Bitcoin in comparison to companies in leading industries because the transformation Bitcoin has brought upon the finance industry has been truly impactful.