The onset of Blockchain into the world’s financial markets has brought with it many new ideas, introduced rapidly to wide-eyed market participants over the last few years. Despite how far we’ve come, however, all the progress we can currently boast about was predated by a simple product called Bitcoin.

Revolutionary at the time (and still today), Bitcoin showed people that a safe financial ecosystem is possible without centralized authority figures, and that cryptocurrency is a great way to invest and trade. The idea caught on like a brush fire, and a new industry was born that seeks to forever change how we define money.

Bitcoin quickly spurred other projects like Litecoin, a more efficient clone, and Dash, which added a governance model and instant transactions. The industry stayed quiet until around 2015, when developers who recognized the Blockchain model’s wider applications introduced Ethereum. This was seven years after Bitcoin first hit the scene, but began the revolution anew. Since then, Ethereum has built its own loyal following and has even spawned new ideas of its own, unrelated to Bitcoin.