Innovation has the power to improve the way people interact with buiness, bring them closer together and create experiences beyond imagination.The idea of a smart solution that is driven by actual needs of a merchant, but at the same time, would be as equally simple and useful for the customer. That’s why paytailor has come to existence to make the world a better place. Now what is PAYTAILOR?
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PAYTAILOR is a blockchain oriented platform that delivers goods and services to customers. It gives the merchant an opportunity to display his goods on a point of sale that is accessible to a very large market. The merchant does not need to confine his goods and services to his locality. He can display it on a larger market on PAYTAILOR.
PAYTAILOR is not just a platform where merchants display their goods; it is also a platform that offers a very cheap and convenient way to make payment for goods and services on its platform and on other existing point of sale platforms. PAYTAILOR does this by using existing devices such as phones, tablets, computers and existing bank accounts, so that the merchant as well as the customer does not need to acquire a new device or open a new bank account in order to enjoy the products of PAYTAILOR. It is just fashioned to work well on your existing device and bank account.

Paytailor was founded to solve a real problem many people across the world face on a daily basis. In several places it is not possible to pay with card. Different payment solutions can be complicated or uncomfortable to use, or equally importantly — often very expensive. In many European countries, it is quite common for merchants to pass card payment transaction fee to the customer. Otherwise the card processing fee significantly reduces merchants’ profit margins. To avoid the fee from the merchant, customers are either
motivated to buy more goods, making the fee manageable by the merchant, or pay in cash.


  1. Card terminal infrastructure
  2. High costs for merchants
  3. No customer database

We believe that technology should serve the people, not the other way around. Innovation has the power to improve the way people interact with businesses, take them get closer together and create an experience beyond imagination. Paytailor missed his needs halo package in this case. And
Most importantly, the additional costs are high.

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At a first glance, Paytailor may seem as just two mobile apps, one for the customer and the other for the merchant. In fact, charmingly simple solution is actually a remarkably powerful and flexible payment platform. We listen to the market needs and solve real bottlenecks that stand in the way of growth. Paytailor aspires to lead the change towards creating value for the businesses and building exceptional user experience and culture. It is not simply about the way people pay, but helping to build a bridge between the businesses and people in a way that would be pleasant and useful for each.

Useful mobile wallet — everything the customer needs within one app
Imagine leaving your wallet at home and having everything you may need safely in your smartphone. We have made paying very simple, in addition to what, all customer loyalty cards are stored in-app, so the customer doesn’t lose any of the discounts or bonuses. Moreover, we keep app-users posted on the best deals and sales. Unlike other mobile wallets, customer doesn’t need to go anywhere to use Paytailor app. We brought e-commerce inside our app,
which means the customer needs only one app to shop online and can check-out just by confirming the payment with their personal wallet PIN code. This means there is no need to download multiple apps for online shopping nor find shops online. We believe changing user culture is moving towards greater accessibility and simplicity.

Easy and safe way to pay

Merchant started paying. You have 60 seconds to receive your payment
Open the Paytailor app, scan your QR or find a selling point with NFC or shortcode help
Make sure the amount is correct and confirm the payment with your personal mobile wallet PIN code
Successful payments will be given to you as well as to merchants
The smartest way to shop

About Token

Paytailor will create its own open source cryptographic token, named PT. Paytailor token will have a certain purpose as a general cryptocurrency for everyday use, meaning it can be used for trading and earning revenues of the company. Paytailor transfers 10% of profit of Paytailor Institution to the Ethereum (ETH) wallet containing the smart contract. The ETH will be redistributed proportionately to all holders of Paytailor tokens according to smart contract conditions. PT token is a pure cryptocurrency with fixed supply. In the near future, most of PT tokens will be liquid, as other portion will be reserved for company and bonus program. Like any other cryptocurrency PT tokens are transferable and fungible, and they will be
tradable on cryptocurrency exchanges. PT will be implemented on the public Ethereum blockchain as an 1ERC20 token. Every 1ERC20 token has same core contract interface, simplifying integration with external contracts. Core functions are:
• Balance of (owner)
• Transfer (to, value)
• Allowance (owner, spender)
• Approve (sender, value)
• Transfer Form (from, to, value)
Which creates footprint into ledger and gives trusted view of every transaction made in
Paytailor application.
Bonus Program

Bonus program works only 11 months which are separated into 4 bonus rounds, with every bonus round to be different with its pool size (see the chart below). NB! If we don’t reach First target point (100 000 USD) there will be no bonus program. PT pool amount will be 10% of company tokens (480 000) and will be spread as follow:
Bonus round 1–25% of whole PT pool
Bonus round 2–35% of whole PT pool
Bonus round 3–40% of whole PT pool
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Sale details

MaxCap — 20 000 ETH
Max tokens — 24 000 000
1st target — 100 000 USD (Approximately 335 ETH)
2nd target — 300 000 USD (Approximately 1 000 ETH)
3rd target — 1 200 000 USD (Approximately 4 000 ETH)
4th target — 3 000 000 USD (Approximately 10 000 ETH)
5th target — 6 000 000 USD (Approximately 20 000 ETH)
Pre-Sale ( 5 000 ETH )
Time: 01 November — 07 November 2017
Tokens: 6 000 000 PT Tokens will be sold
Price: 1 ETH = 1 200 PT Tokens Approximately USD 0.25 (ETH price 300$)

Crowdsale ( 15 000 ETH )
Time: 20 November — 20 December 2017
Tokens: 12 000 000 PT Tokens will be sold
Price: 1 ETH = 800 PT Tokens Approximately USD 0.38 (ETH price 300$)
More Info Visit link below: