This could be big for Crypto... :money_mouth:

Wall Street Journal reports the globe’s second largest stock exchange, National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (Nasdaq) will offer bitcoin futures by the middle of next year. Also, Cantor Fitzgerald LP will provide bitcoin derivatives on its exchange by mid 2018. The news comes as Chicago Merc (CME) and Cboe are also reportedly set to offer a bitcoin futures market by year’s end. The combination could mean the official mainstreaming of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency.

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Nasdaq Sees the Future, Will Debut Bitcoin Futures by Mid 2018

Nasdaq’s 7 Trillion Dollar Muscle Flexes Toward the Future
Widely circulated reports on 29 November reveal Nasdaq will set a bitcoin futures market by the middle of next year. Cantor Fitzgerald LP is to offer a bitcoin derivatives platform on its exchange around the same time.