It has been another interesting 24 hours for Bitcoin traders. Last week’s bull run toward US$10,000 has not subsided just yet. In fact, it almost seemed as if this milestone would be reached last night, but the run fell short in the end. After hitting a price of US$9,780, the Bitcoin market is now cooling off a bit and refueling for another attempt at the five-digit mark.

Many people have suggested the Bitcoin price will surpass US$10,000 before the year 2017 is over. Earlier this year, that seemed ludicrous, even though people appreciated the bullish sentiment all the same. Right now, reaching that magical goal seems a lot less challenging than originally assumed. In fact, the Bitcoin price almost hit the US$10,000 mark last night, but eventually fell short by over US$200. It was a more than valiant attempt, but it is evident this market needs a breather first and foremost.