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Despite some market opposition, things are still looking rather promising for Litecoin right now. More specifically, the Litecoin price continues to rise toward US$100 as we speak. With a value of around US$91 at the time of writing, it is evident we will see another leg up in the very near future. It is unclear how things will play out over the coming days and weeks, but things look pretty solid so far.


The end of 2017 may prove to be rather spectacular for Litecoin in the price department. While the rise from US$75 to US$85 was quite interesting to watch, it seems the silver to Bitcoin’s gold will continue to move toward the US$100 milestone. Assuming that is the case, Litecoin’s market capitalization will surpass US$5 billion with relative ease in the next few hours. It is only US$90 million off the mark right now, which means setting a record shouldn’t be difficult to do.

Source: http://www.altcointoday.com/litecoin-price-poised-pass-100-christmas/