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Covesting is a cryptocurrency startup which has created a platform for blockchain-backed cryptocurrency trading platform for every investor. By copying the trades of the renowned traders, the investors can grow their assets and make profits on the network. This is done automatically by using Smart Contracts. Copy trading model is brought to the blockchain and cryptocurrency world by Covesting and it provides a platform where the small and new investors can compare their performance with different leading cryptocurrency traders and the investor can follow up to 20 traders. Different portion of the money can be allocated to these traders and on behalf of the user, Covesting will automatically copy the trade.


COVESTING is the ERC20 Standard Token on Ethereum blockchain, fully compatible with all Ethereum wallets that have ERC20 Token and smart-contract support using the ERC20 Standard. Can be used as coins, certificates, IOUs, in game credits, currency for services, etc. have no value by themselves but are working hard to change this aspect by developing various services for COV creating a token request and hopefully increasing that value.
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Users can easily browse through dozens of trading strategies, provided by professional digital asset managers about an overview of each strategy, accessing real-time and historical trading performance, subscribing to 20 different trading models and real-time reporting enables investors to get an overview complete.
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Advantages for investors:
Firstly, you trade as a professional; Covesting can simultaneously copy up to 20 different trading strategies, diversifying its portfoliO fully controls its portfolio, can always switch to another trader the account is completely safe, as the money is not transferred to the trader, all transactions take place on the investor’s account.

Benefits for the trader:
A comfortable office with a lot of tools for trading;
increasing its positive statistics attracts even more investors, and hence their remuneration from their transactions.
For use within the Convesting platform, a COV token will be issued. Participants buy COV tokens to follow trading strategies provided by traders on the platform.

On the other side, successful professional traders that offer their trades on Covesting platform will be rewarded. The more investors are copying their trades the more extra profit they will get, so it is a win-win situation for both sides.


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  • Schedule: Oct. 20, 2017 to Nov. 19, 2013

  • Price: 130 COV = 1 ETH Pre-sale: 300 COV = 1 ETH

  • Platform: ERC20

  • HardCap: ETH / 5000 ETH)

  • Currently pre-sale is in progress. ( )

  • Token allocation ratio: 75% ICO sales / 13% team / 7% Pre-Sale sales / 5% Bounty

  • Bonus rate

    0 to 5000 ETH: 1 ETH = 200 COV

    1. 5000 to 10000 ETH: 1ETH = 180 COM
    2. 10000 to 20000 ETH: 1ETH = 170 COM
    3. 20000 to 40000 ETH: 1ETH = 160 COM
    4. 40000 to 60000 ETH: 1ETH = 150 COM
    5. 60000 to 100000 ETH: 1ETH = 130 COM

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