Overstock subsidiary tZERO is adding several new business verticals as part of its forthcoming initial token offering (ICO).

Specifically, the tZERO token holders are now being offered the ability to buy blockchain-enabled digital locate receipts, along with newly revealed robo-advising services, online retail brokerage services, insurance products and education services dispersed in an app store-like environment.

"Crypto is very new, ICOs are new – at least let's provide an educational store if you want to go in and learn about these, and use your tZERO tokens to do that," said tZERO president Joseph Cammarata.

In addition to the newly revealed verticals the token will be able to be used for the company's traditional routing and execution services made available through a previously revealed alternative trading system (ATS).

Source: https://www.coindesk.com/hybrid-ico-overstocks-tzero-to-build-services-into-security-token/