SyncFab: Manufacturing Network

Syncfab is a platform that revolutionizes the manufacturing by connecting buyers directly to hardware manufacturers! Syncfab create the world’s first peer-to-peer manufacturing supply chain. So purchasers and manufacturers will be able to streamline the procurement and supply chain processes, protect intellectual properties, source, and track parts production in real time and on-demand.
What is Syncfab’s solution to burdens in Today’s Manufacturing Processes?
Intermediaries and large procurement firms increase prices, don’t provide Intellectual Property protection, and make it difficult for small innovators and medium sized business to easily source manufacturing. SyncFab solution is; eliminating
intermediaries, utilizing our Smart Contracts to streamline procurement processes, eliminating wasted labor-hours on miscommunication that lead to manufacturing mistakes or delays by sends requests directly to manufacturers that match the buyer’s requirements on the Smart Manufacturing Blockchain.

MFG Token Powered Supply Chain

The MFG Token is a utility token used to reward purchasers and manufacturers, make payments, protect intellectual properties, promote trust and transparency through the execution of smart contracts on the blockchain
Use MFG to create a unique bid auction to incentivize manufacturers for faster and better priced quotes
MFG loyalty rewards can be offered for consistent reorders
Buyers are qualified through an upfront MFG token commitment
Manufacturers can provide discounts on the quoted price with MFG tokens
MFG Token Benefits
Benefits to Buyers
• Cheaper and higher quality quotes from the source
• On-demand purchasing, tracking, and reordering
• Connect with a local network of vetted manufacturers
• Secure transactions and connections through smart contracts
Benefits to Manufacturers
• Eliminate marketing costs by having buyers directly connect to your manufacturing facility
• Guaranteed payments through smart contracts
• Complete control of your pricing & capabilities
• Less headaches of overhead and processes to focus on producing the best quality products

SyncFab Team
Jeremy ​Goodwin ​- ​Chief ​Executive ​Officer
Andy ​Tong ​- ​Chief ​Strategy ​Officer
Jay ​Ligda ​- ​Chief ​Technology ​Officer
Dennis ​Delgado ​- ​Chief ​Design ​Officer
Victor ​Nguyen ​- ​VP ​Product ​& ​Operations
Ben ​Gerstein ​- ​VP ​Marketing
Michael ​Santore ​- ​Head ​of ​Community ​Relations
Sharon ​Wang ​- ​UX ​Designer
Tam ​Du ​- ​Blockchain ​Engineer
Ali ​Zain ​- ​Blockchain ​Developer
Advisory Board
Mike ​Jones ​- ​Science ​Inc.
Gil ​Penchina ​- ​Ridge ​Ventures
Alan ​Safahi ​- ​ZipZap
Mark ​Crone ​- ​CLG ​LAW
Michael ​Wong ​- ​MUFG
Chris ​Cheng ​- ​Apple
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Syncfab ICO

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  • Info:
    Token Name: Smart Manufacturing Token
    Token Symbol: MFG
    Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 MFG
    Market supply allocation (public): 300,000,000 MFG (30%)
    What is the time line for token sales?
    Purchase Sale Date Pre-Public: November 15, 2017
    Pre-Sale will end when the Soft Cap is reached or on January 15, 2018.
    Selling Date: January 15, 2018
    We will accept ether (ETH) as a form of payment.
    1 ETH = 1,000 MFG
    Soft Cap = 18,000 ETH. Soft Cap is the minimum minimum token MFG we want to sell in a distribution event.
    Cap Hard = 180,000 ETH. Hard hats are the maximum number of MFG Tokens we want to sell on distribution shows.
    Any unsold MFG allocated to the public market supply will be destroyed after the event.
  • Plan:
    Prior to the token distribution event, Smart MFG Tech LTD will generate one billion (1,000,000,000,000) MFG token items
    Each MFG wallet account will store MFG tokens blocked to unit 18 decimal places — units from MFG token to 0.000000000000000001 MFG.
    There will be no increase in MFG. No new token is created or destroyed after the event.
    There will be a total of three hundred million (300,000,000) MFGs offered to the public (current SyncFab users and early adopters of Smart Manufacturing Blockchain).
    On distribution, smart distribution token will occur every MFG that the public will not have that the public does not have during the event.
    The total supply of MFG depends on how many MFGs are sold during the distribution; So the final inventory has not yet been determined.
    15% to Smart MFG Tech LTD (see Section 7.1 for details) for long-term basic promotional budgets, and network governance
    30% to Pool Adoption Partnership — to build long-term community and adoption of Smart Manufacturing Blockchain through partnership. The MFG in this pool will be allocated to Smart Manufacturing Blockchain partners that will facilitate and deploy the use of the blockchain to their network of users. Additional information is provided in section 6.2.1.
    15% for SyncFab for research, engineering, deployment, business development, and marketing
    10% for Founders — Teams, Advisors and
    30% to the Market is offered to the public (current SyncFab users and early adopters of Smart Manufacturing Blockchain)
  • Team SyncFab
    Jeremy Goodwin — Chief Executive Officer
    Andy Tong — Chief Strategy Officer
    Jay Ligda — Chief Technology Officer
    Dennis Delgado — Chief Design Officer
    Victor Nguyen — VP Product & Operations
    Ben Gerstein — VP Marketing
    Michael Santore — Head of Public Relations
    Sharon Wang — UX Designer
    Tam Du — Blockchain Engineer
    Ali Zain — Developer Block
  • Advisory Board
    Mike Jones — Science Inc.
    Gil Penchina — Ridge Ventures
    Alan Safahi — ZipZap
    Mark Crone — CLG LAW
    Michael Wong — MUFG
    Chris Cheng — Apple
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