Paytailor is an Estonian startup, connecting people with business with the help of technology seamlessly. Paytailor is a flexible and robust payment platform for businesses, easily incorporated into existing processes, as well as mobile payment apps for consumers who work with merchants regardless of operating system or phone manufacturer. In addition, merchants and consumers do not need to replace banks or upgrade hardware, as they can use existing bank and device accounts when they start using Paytailor.
The online market is undergoing serious remodeling sequel to the challenges of making payments across the online tool without merchants losing some parts of the fund to unremitting intermediaries which makes the entire process really stressful and further does not support 21st century expectations and demands. In some quarters, payment with ‘card’ is very rare while others are exploitatively over-charged, making users feel cheated and merchants grumble for losing to make a transaction online using the conventional institutionalized financial establishments. As a die-hard user of the ‘payment card’ world, I have also shared the challenges of the industry but continually looking for better ways to transact, interrelate and interexchange better. In my quest, I ran into Paytailor is a decentralized and community-driven platform working mind-numbingly to transform the payment methods of merchants and allow customers pay with card or other virtual assets without the usual high cost and technical issues. The platform will do this by creating a secured, efficient and people-centered platform for customers and merchants to meet, discuss, do business and book schedules. The idea is hinged on the concept of the smart shop where participants can relate without certain barriers experienced hitherto by centralized firms. At first glance, the platform will appear as an ostensibly dual mobile app.
See the following Video how simple Paytailor is
Easy and safe way to pay
Merchant started paying. You have 60 seconds to receive your payment
Open the Paytailor app, scan QR or find salespoints with the help of NFC or shortcode
Make sure the amount is correct and confirm the payment with your personal mobile wallet PIN code
Successful payment will be presented to you as well as for the merchant
The smartest way to shop
Safe and simple way to shop
Paytailor is easy to use and works with the smartphones you use every day. To pay you just need to scan the QR code in the app and confirm the payment.
Your virtual loyalty card
Every time you pay with Paytailor we make sure you get all discounts and special offers. Thus you can leave your loyalty card at home.
Shop online at Paytailor mobile wallet
Super simple in-app shopping with the fastest ever check-out. No need to go through many web stores or download countless apps to shop, all in your app. Since your bank card is already included in your wallet, you only need to confirm the payment with your personal PIN code.
Safe and personal : We never store your card information in any way. All card information is being processed by the bank, which has all licenses and financial institution actions to keep your card data safe. You only see the last 4 digits of your card number in your Paytailor mobile wallet app. Make sure you enter a 4 digit PIN code into your wallet. This way you can be sure that nobody else is using your mobile wallet. To set or change the PIN you find “Security” in your wallet.
Payment solution for merchants
Start with mobile terminal today. Paytailor is safe, easy and fast to receive payment. Mobile terminal can be used according to your wishes and desires. You can use it at festivals, outdoor and indoor places.
Paytailor is more than just another software. Paytailor is an advanced solution, which simplifies payments and payments. This is a full service of registration to receive payment.
To start is very easy. Just choose the hou you need to receive your payment and we will do the rest.
We help you sell smarter and grow faster
Paytailor makes revenue by licensing software on monthly basis. That means 10€ subscription fee and licence fee 0.02€ per each transaction. To help the developers achieve the outlined project and other related proposals of the platform, ICO is out for offer to allow other market participants take active part. The token use in transacting in this platform is the PT tokens. Paytailor transfers 10% of profit of Paytailor Institution to the Ethereum (ETH) wallet containing the smart contract. Considering ETH price 300 USD, the platform’s 1st target is 100 000 USD (Approximately 335 ETH). On a second state and in a bid to expanding to UK, the target is 300 000 USD (Approximately 1 000 ETH). The 3rd stage will witness the adding payment in cryptocurrencies with target of 1 200 000 USD (Approximately 4 000 ETH) including adding several ERC20 tokens and going to EU market. On a forth scale, the target is set at 3 000 000 USD (Approximately 10 000 ETH) coupled with more expansion in EU. The last stage’s target is 6 000 000 USD (Approximately 20 000 ETH) plus Integrating Raiden Network. The diagram below shows how tokens will be distributed at the end of the ICO to participants as reward for sharing, supporting and investing into the concept of the market.

The ICO proper will follow after the Pre-ICO event. Pre-ICO is LIVE now! It started since 11:00 am (UTC) 04.11.17 and will run till 11:00 am (UTC) 30.11.2017. During presale period you can buy tokens 31, 21% cheaper. After the presale period, as of 20th of November, the tokens are available with the regular price. To get the PT tokens, subscribe at Paytailor is a community-driven platform. To connect to other participants of the platform, log on to social media via;
ANN Thread
PT tokens will be available during our presale and crowdsale
Presale: 04–11 November, 2017
Crowdsale 20 November — 20 December, 2017
Paytailor Official Bounty Program
Our Bounty Pool will be 1.5% of the total PT Tokens (360 000 PT Tokens)
Total Bounty Budget will be allocated along all bounties as follows:
35% — Blog & Article
25% — Video content
25% — Translation/moderation
15% — Other, SM like slack, telegram etc..
Note: All bounty payments will be issued after the end of ICO crowdsale and token distribution. (Allow at least 1 Week for bounty calculations and payment assignment)
Video content, blog & article bounties
Blog & Article: 126 000 PT Tokens
Video content: 90 000 PT Tokens
High quality = 15 Stakes
Good quality = 10 Stakes
Normal quality = 5 Stakes
How to Join
Blog & Article
Fill the form: Click this link
Spreadsheet: Click this link
Fill the form: Click this link
Spreadsheet: Click this link
1: Low-quality articles and videos are not accepted.
2: Articles and videos must be genuine. Copying other’s content, articles or ripping off stuff is not allowed.
(You can use official images, logos, graphics posted in the Paytailor’s website, ANN thread, Facebook and Twitter)
3: Article must be longer than 500 Characters, less than 500 Characters will not be accepted.
4: Video must be at least 1:30 minutes long. Video that is shorter than will not be accepted.
5: Article must have links to two following official websites: and
a link to the Whitepaper: and
one link of your own Bitcointalk profile at the bottom of your article as a verification to your authorship.
6: The video description must contain one link to your official website, one link of the Whitepaper and one link to your own Bitcointalk profile to verify your authorship.
7: Medium, Steemit, Newbium, and other general/free blogging platforms are allowed but only one post for one person will be accepted in those platforms.
8: 3 posts articles will be accepted in .com .net .org and other premium websites and blogs,
9: Manager and the Owners will have the rights to change any rules, or make any changes if necessary (including payment structure and amount).
Translation and Moderation Bounty:
Budget: 90 000 PT Tokens
High Quality = 15 Stakes
Good Quality = 10 Stakes
Normal Quality = 5 Stakes
How to Join
Fill the form: Click this link
Spreadsheet: Click this link
1: Translation must be original, using any kind of Bots to translate is not allowed, Bot and fake translation will be blacklisted.
2: Create PDF Version of Whitepaper Translations, and Post that Using Medium Blog.
3: Ann thread Translator will be Responsible to keep the thread active with latest updates, news and Official Announcement Posted in the Main Thread.
4: Translator can take 5 days to submit his translation, taking more than 5 days can make you disqualify and the job will be granted to another candidate.
5: Each participant should translate the PayTailor ICO Thread, Whitepaper, create a thread on Local Board in BitcoinTalk, and publish the translation as well.
6: Following languages are welcome: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Russian, Polish, and Hindi. We are open to suggestions for other languages.
Social Media Bounty
Budget: 54 000 PT Tokens
1 Tweet = 1 Stake
1 Retweet = 0.1 Stake
1 Like = 0.1 Stake
1 Follower = 0.001 Stake
Every Twitter Bounty participant must follow official link:
Each post must contain following tags: #paytailor #ICO
Every Facebook Bounty participant must follow Official link:
Each post must contain following link:
Each post must be shared from Paytailor FB page, otherwise it won’t count
How to Join
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Weekly report: Click this link

  1. Each Facebook Bounty participant should have at least 250 friends.
  2. Each Twitter Bounty participant should have at least 100 followers.
  3. Max 4 post/retweet per week and at least one of Paytailor posts every 4 days.
  4. For Facebook bounty — Each post must contain following link:
  5. For Facebook bounty — Each post must be shared from Paytailor FB page, otherwise it won’t count
  6. For Twitter bounty — Each tweet should contain #paytailor #ICO
  7. Users who uses multi accounts will be blacklisted, it’s not allowed!
  8. Everyone can participate in both campaigns at the same time.
  9. Social media post pictures can be found:
    For all Bounties Paytailor have the right to change the rules (if needed), or do any other reasonable change in bounties (Including payment structure and amount)
    More info:
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