Gold is not just a metal

Gold is not only a metal, but also a protective asset that not only individuals, but entire states count in difficult times. Investing in it allows us not only to protect ourselves from inflation, but also to survive major economic disasters caused by several reasons.


For example, known to many for its difficult economic situation, Venezuela recently asked the Bank of England to unlock gold belonging to this Latin American country.

According to reports by Reuters, the state of oil was driven to take this step due to the recent big collapses in the price of black gold and the need to finance the fight against the COVID -19 epidemic.

The Bank of England holds approximately 31 tons of Venezuelan gold, while the entire gold reserve in this Latin American country is about 162 tons. The sale of part of this volume will provide Venezuela with an influx of foreign currency, which will help the country in the fight against the coronavirus and its consequences - the deterioration of the already difficult economic situation.

There is still a shortage of supply of popular investment bars and coins on the market, which occurred in the context of the stoppage of many mints and refineries.
The fact is that investors do not stop buying gold in any way, as they consider it a strong anti-crisis measure at this difficult time for the world economy. People's faith in gold is so strong that, according to resellers, private investors are willing to overpay for gold products, just to get something.
The world has been turned upside down, but for gold market participants, these changes will be an opportunity to significantly increase their capital. This will be facilitated by factors such as the aggressive policy of some central banks that threatens to devalue national currencies or the significant inflow of funds in "gold" ETFs, whose shares are reinforced by precious metals, registered this year.
Obviously, the growth will not be infinite. In the short term, corrections should also be considered. However, as a haven for long-term investments, gold will remain profitable for some time.

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