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Because my blog is committed to decentralization tasks and this survey is nothing but other special cases, I propose to talk today about the subject of online entertainment. For some individuals, this measurement will look astounding, in any case, anywhere in the world as attractive web-based games such as poker, clubs and other betting areas. Individuals are free as usual to want to take a walk after work, because he regularly makes them relax and have fun. What is there to hide You feel how the subject of online entertainment becomes dynamic, specifically, when it is valued at more than 1 trillion dollars and this is just the beginning. Many specialists hope to only expand demand in business, so keep this in mind.


Yet, once more, every one of them have shortcomings and for our situation, the conventional online theater setup isn't sufficiently straightforward. I am not discussing all or somebody independently, be that as it may, on the planet in this field there are countless deceptive suppliers who forestall being straightforward in getting all players on the stage. This is done in primary school, their exercises nobody can check and control, much more along these lines, all the games are covered up under seven keys and you don't have a clue what's going on there on the opposite side of the screen. Unexpectedly the rule of your preferred game was initially framed so that you can't win there by any stretch of the imagination? Or on the other hand, alternately, would you be able to win a little part, however lose more? Lamentably, we can't know all that and more terrible we should not know.

Consequently, we just have two alternatives for advancement occasions, or keep on playing as indicated by their guidelines, or find new wellsprings of every one of their amusement. One that we will presently consider.

Today, I need to talk about Block Games (IBG), which is one of the advances in blockchain to provide many amazing Internet games that allow clients to play, I own and become part of the organization through their unique printouts. .

What is a game, IBlock,

IBlock Games (IBG) means it turns into the worlds main game scene.

IBG makes use of the progress of the blockchain to provide many energetic Internet and multi-coin games, and theater settings for blockchain lovers and cryptographic speculators.

IBG strongly understands that the assessment stage is carried out by the customer, with the aim that it will provide a little leeway for theorists and players to distort the development and increase of individual IBG meetings.

IBlock Game Ecosystem IBlock Stage

Games (IBG) are produced using changes to matches, player systems, multi-chain and multi-coins. Apart from the fact that is monitored by bets and prizes, this can be useful and productive, this game looks like another cryptographic game, for example, an exciting game, a beatler game, because the player gets a prize with a flywheel and makes a bet.


  1. Blockchain Games Markets
    Blockchain game is the second largest cryptocurrency application market in the world after exchange. The game market includes different types of game playing methods, such as leisure chess, sports guessing, mmrpg, crypto kitties, etc. What is iBlock Games?
    iBlock Games (IBG) is committed to becoming the world's top blockchain game platform. iBlcok Games Ecosystem
    The IBG platform is composed of game development, player community, multi chain and multi coins.

  2. Game Developers
    The game developers provide the IBG platform with a variety of game types. The developers will get part of the benefits of games on the platform, so as to improve the enthusiasm of game developers and meet the needs of different players.

  3. Game Listing
    IBG platform provides the chance for game developers to contact more players. The platform provides core engine for game developers to develop and support in the form of game development kit GDk. Developers can use GDk to quickly develop games and access the platform, so as to obtain more players. Players can interact directly on the online platform to discuss the playing methods and exchange experience of different games. Players can vote to support their favorite games, or suggest that game platforms or game developers make popular games. BankRoll
    Different types of game items and tokens will have their own independent game bankroll pools, and players have the opportunity to win rich rewards according to their own game skills. Operation
    IBG platform provides players with free trial games, free tokens and other strategies by setting task mode, player ranking, bounty hunter, bonus pool and other operation modes, so that players can quickly start playing, experience a variety of different game playing methods, deeply participate in platform interaction, and earn rich commissions. The higher the level of bounty hunter is, the more users are recommended and invited, and the more commission they earn, the higher the return of professional bounty hunter will be

  4. Bonus Pool
    The bonus pool is composed of early investors, game developers, game platforms and player communities. IBG Token


What is IBG Token
IBG Token is issued by iBlock Games platform.
Project:iBlock Games
Token Type:ERC20
Total Issue:10,000,000,000

Token Balance


Fund Balance
35% will be used for platform technology development, including website + H5 , dApp, new games, etc;


Official Information:


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