COVID-19 and the subsequent financial crisis caused a significant increase in the price of gold. The result of this event was a double collapse in demand for yellow metal in China.

How will this influence us?
Asian investors are very sensitive to high prices, so in these periods, they prefer to behave with restraint and do not rush to buy until the next corrective wave arrives. Thus, the gold market received an additional security cushion in the form of deferred demand from an entire segment of potential investors. By buying yellow metal in corrections, they will contribute to a steady increase in the price of this precious metal, which will end up making investments in it safer.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the drop in demand for gold in China itself has not affected its price in any way. This in turn means that after the recovery of the Chinese yellow metal market, we will not only get an additional incentive to maintain current price values, but we will also count on the upward trend to continue, which will make your investment even more profitable.

Protecting the well-being of your family and friends has become even easier! After all, each GLDS token comes with real gold!

Invest in gold correctly! Together with Gdigit!

GLDS is the first cryptographic money company in the world to establish an extraordinary synergistic relationship, especially between advanced progress and the local economy, gold mining. Our efforts use blockchain innovation to make gold mining easier and more effective. Gold, on the other hand, supports GLDS tokens, offering security and effort.
The main objective of our business is to make gold more attractive and usable for many people. We accept the use of cryptographic forms to donate money critically.

To achieve the goals we set, we created our own decentralized digital currency as part of the GLDS business: it is based on very mechanical ideas to obtain high liquidity for the business token. Each coin issued by our company is supported by 0.02 grams of gold, integrating two speculative instruments that seem separate from the world: gold and digital forms of money. Every member of the GLDS initiative has the opportunity to start in a very innovative way, but gets a guarantee of automatic income, whatever gives life.

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