The planet that we live in today certainly has a variety of interesting places that take a lifetime to visit or visit. Enjoying natural attractions or holidays, of course we can make it as a moment to relax and let go of all kinds of problems that exist. However, the same as the cost of daily needs which are always calculated carefully, of course activities in the form of holidays must also be calculated carefully and rationally. Therefore, to help this, Sirius X has also been present which functions as a Blockchain technology platform that provides the most complete travel services, such as transportation, lodging, and also tickets for interesting events to be held at the tourist destination.
Noted as a Blockchain technology platform, of course we can be sure that Sirius X uses and accepts a variety of cryptocurrency currencies to activate its transaction functions. SRX is the only currency issued by Sirius X, which is also automatically accompanied by the availability of digital wallets in the form of TrustWallet, Matemask, My Ether Wallet, and other types of digital wallets that are considered to be very compatible, besides that you know that this wallet has the ERC-20 standardization, which in that standardization is known as the standardization which is sufficiently reliable in conducting various types of transactions. In carrying out its economic functions, of course Sirius X will present a variety of conveniences, which is evident from the types of currencies chosen, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. This certainly shows that previously Sirius X has done a lot of market research in determining the components of the transaction tool, which did you know that Bitcoin has also been received by European countries such as Switzerland to pay for public transportation facilities such as trains. This economic phenomenon can certainly open new horizons, that at this time there have been a lot of technological innovations that are captivating in the eyes of the world.
Besides being able to enjoy a tour in accordance with the initial plan that has been designed very strategically, of course, users can also use Sirius X as a field for investment. This of course can be seen from the SRX tokens that have been registered in strategic and relevant investment exchanges, such as EtherDelta, EtherFork, and TokenJar. As a smart economic entity, surely we can think that the money generated from these investments can certainly be used again to buy a number of profitable travel packages. Therefore, to show its seriousness in the investment function, Sirius X has now launched 100,000,000 SRX, of which 82% is allocated to run the crowfunding function with the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) method and the rest will be allocated to teams, advisors , Airdrop, gifts and pre-sale. Based on the provisions we can also know that all tokens that are not sold until the end of the period will automatically catch fire.
The advantages of Blockchain technology are increasingly increasing, of course, making technology activists more confident to integrate these sophisticated technology systems on their platforms. This is certainly also evident from the decision of Sirius X to choose the Blockchain technology system, as the main operating system that will run on the digitization and automation system. This decision can certainly be called one of the smart steps, especially in the field of budget savings. Where transaction services using the peer to peer method can be carried out without special intermediaries, and this method can automatically reduce or even eliminate costs. In addition there is also a transparency system that can increase the confidence of users, this is of course because usually the money used to visit tourist destinations is the result of the hard work that has been done for several years, not even years. Therefore we also need a dual security system that is owned by Sirius X to be able to realize the user’s dream travel package.
In addition to adopting the Blockchain technology transaction service, of course Sirius X also runs a transaction system with the latest methods or innovations, such as transaction services through pin codes and barcodes. Even later he will also launch a debit card that you can use like transaction cards issued by banks. Ease of transaction, of course, appeared for the better of our consumer to ensure an environmental friendly product.
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