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Why Do You Need a HYDROSTANDART Project?

I think most will agree that our modern society is on the verge of a new revolution. Technical revolutions when known things and processes take place in a digital format. Combining both biological and physical areas of life with each other. As they say, it is not necessary to go far. For example, in medicine, there have been cases when certain organs were created in a high-precision 3D printer. Or the emergence of a more advanced artificial intelligence in the form of a special robot that can easily chat with you and answer even the simplest questions.

The same applies to other areas of our lives that have passed to a new level of technological existence with each new invention. Even the financial structure of all world relations is slowly but surely decentralized. Of course, there is still something we need to strive for. However, the path is outlined and we all endeavor to implement it step by step.

But despite the positive growth dynamics. The world of decentralized and digital relationships still faces a number of challenges. Then, with less developed infrastructure, then with the lack of good tools that support the liquidity of some coins. As well as many other small factors that both form snowballs together. Naturally, in order to overcome all these shortcomings, it will not be enough to have a good project, but one, two, and two already three, four, etc. It is therefore important to realize that only a comprehensive approach to different ideas can overcome the existing negativity in this industry. This is the complex that I want to show you today, that is, sharing information to explain the potential of an interesting project.

What are the problems that the HYDROSTANDART project should solve?
The project that will be discussed today is called HYDROSTANDART . Its main feature is the creation of a completely original new decentralized system that aims to combine the action of digital and material assets expressed by hydrogen energy. In addition to controlling the action with artificial intelligence, it will be responsible for the balance of energy transformations in the network, as well as for the protection of all functions: reception, broadcasting and other distribution over the network.

Therefore, the founders of the project want to deliver a new monetary unit corresponding to a certain amount of energy to the user. That is, the new unit of the Hydrogen-related currency standard emits the money of the digital carrier, that is, a real physical amount expressed by cryptotoken.

Why is Hydrogen Important?

The ratio of the content of the amount of energy per unit mass of hydrogen turned out to be one of the highest values ​​in nature. This gives a great opportunity to accumulate all its energy for the transfer and transportation of its energy. Moreover, this type of currency is an excellent standard of value and stability anywhere in the world. Naturally, this makes the process more stable, sustainable and cost-effective for all parties.

After all, Hydrogen indicates that water is not a percentage of one gram at first, as a very simple example of added value. But if you add some technology to 9 grams of water, you get a gram of hydrogen worth 0.01 USD. If this 1 gram of hydrogen passes through another technological process system, the output will be 1 gram of hydrogen isotope worth $ 30,000. And as practice shows, this process can be further sustained by raising the cost per 1 gram of energy to $ 60 billion.

In which areas will the HRS Token be used?
This is the hydrogen economy. Moreover, the goal of the developers is to get the estimated value of 1 hour tokens in the near future at $60. Why do HYDROSTANDART developers want to reach this figure?! In fact, everything is very simple, it turns out that the amount of $ 60 represents the daily living wage per person, including transportation, food and shelter and various communications, as well as entertainment and other things that help us exist relatively comfortably. .

As for the technical aspect of the issue, the HRS token itself was developed on the basis of the Ethereum Protocol, which makes it open to all and easy to use. After all, each token will be directly supported by a specially designed smart contract and will meet all the technical features of this decentralized system. It is important to note that the ICO of the project will be carried out in several stages, so to learn more about its implementation and implementation, read the HYDROSTANDART white paper, which I will add at the end of this article.

I would like to express my own conclusions about HYDROSTANDART by summarizing a particular result. As for me, this concept is very interesting and unusual. Moreover, there has never been a single project in the cryptocurrency industry to include hydrogen and digital assets of a decentralized network. Hopefully the founders will have the power and wisdom to finish the job and show us a truly worthy platform with all their systems. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more detailed information about the project.

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