Cowrium is a blockchain project being developed to help a small and medium enterprises to easily adopt comprehensive blockchain solutions to better reach thousands of customers who conduct business through the SME industry.

Cowrium develops project consists of a multidimensional smart contract and cryptocurrency solution, like the example Decentralized Exchange (CowDEX), a borderless currency Transfer solution in crypto to be received in Fiat and an Artificial Intelligence Crypto Stability Solution for the platform native coin Cowrie (Cowrie Stability AI).

What is Cowrie?
Cowrie is the original digital currency from Cowrium. This name was adopted from sea mollusks that were used as money in ancient times. In addition to currency similarity, the Cowrie excavation process is also known as mining, which also shows blockchain mining.

Our mission
To make the adoption of blockchain easier, faster and more profitable for small businesses & companies worldwide, and to make Cowrium / Cowrie a household name globally

Our Vision
The Cowrium Project is not just a blockchain that aims to grow the existing economy, but an entirely new economic system is being built on blockchain technology.


Leveraging Cowrium enables various SMEs to be anchored to a successful and self sustainable decentralized economic system with sufficient liquidity.

Cowrium crowd fund system will help different communities collect and raise funds essential for their businesses and enterprise to grow without dependance on third parties.

Easily obtain Cowrie, a native digitized asset of Cowrium project which can build one's business by functioning as a medium of transparent and secure payment without border restrictions.

Cowrium platform is created to be universal with system that connects payment module in Cowrium with users worldwide. Access to full functionality is assured with approval of unique identity.


Crowfunding sales from Cowrie will be held in 5 phases, from 1 January to 30 May. Coin prices open at 0.035USD (Phase 1) and close at 0.0450USD (Phase 5).

● Starting: Jan 1 2020 (00:01 AM UCT)
● Number of tokens sold: 1,000,000,000 CWRX
● End: May 30, 2020 (11:59 PM UCT)
● Token exchange rate: 1 CWR = 0.075 USD
● Acceptable currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, USD, NGN (12)

Minimum number of transactions
Varies based on stages

Phase I
● Jan 1 - Jan 30
● Up to 50% bonus
● $ 0.035 / token

Phase II
● Feb 1 - Feb 28
● Up to 50% bonus
● $ 0.0375 / token

Phase III
● Mar 01 - Mar 30
● Up to 30% bonus
● $ 0.04 / token

Phase IV
● April 1 - April 30
● Up to 30% bonus
● $ 0.0425 / token

Phase V
● May 1 - May 30
● Up to 30% bonus
● $ 0.045 / token

Token distribution

Cowrium Road Map:

Q1 2020
Release Prototype.
Launch Wallet.

Q2 2020
New website.
CPU / GPU mining.
IEO / Main Exchange List.

Q3 2020
Launching POS.
Payment Gateway Plugin.

Q4 2020
Launch of Decentralized Exchange (CowDex).
Cellular Mining.
Repeated Wallet Payment.
Launch of ErrandBoy (BETA).

Q1 2021
Cowrium Summit.
Official Launch of ErrandBoy.
Launch of ICO Smart Contract / Token.

Q2 2021
Discussion with Financial Institutions.
Expansion of Work Scope.
Worldwide Promotion.

Q3 2021
Testnet Interoperability Solution.
Partnership with Conventional Financial Institutions.
Investment in the acquisition of conventional financial institutions.

Q4 2021
New Partnership.


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