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DATE: May 9, 2020

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Gold is the most flexible, all the same. It is a separate metal that changes from time to time with gold, silver and copper and sits at the same table. The social problem where gold can be found is often named after a group of metal coins, as individuals are often used to making money. Gold, to be honest, was rooted in BC by the Egyptians. It is one of the main metals known to people from 3400.

Gdigit (GLDS) is an attempt to provide strong collaborative energy from highly computer-aided developments in the original economic field, particularly by extracting gold and various precious metals. The difference between assignments and analogues is that each GLGS token has identical gold (compared to 0.02 grams of gold), which is highly robust and speculative.


It's no secret that gold is one of the best efforts today. GLDS will make this speculation accessible to a wide range of buyers who use blockchain innovations and earn their own cryptographic money. GLDS customers have the opportunity to get precious metals at the best cost and to have complete confidence in the sincerity and security of all exchanges.

GLDS is also connected to the current job, advanced gold and placer stores in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The organization runs a completely legitimate business with accounting and direct details. Mining studies and the further processing of precious metals were provided with a number of licenses that were created by the administrative and control groups of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The gold store claimed by our organization is located in the East Kazakhstan region. Our land survey has provided information that confirms that the money is appropriate for the work. It has been confirmed that the placer shop and its terraces contain approximately 1,000 kg of precious metal. The quartz-sulfur vein in the region is believed to contain approximately 5 to 6 tons of gold. A three-year production plan has been drawn up until 2023 and the National Bank of Kazakhstan will focus on buying all of our inventory.


The business agreements for the project are based on the topographical structure of the study area, its research, the entry level and natural mineralization. The business levels include:

Business Topography

Course search and Geo-morphology

Consider Geochemistry


Infiltration activities

Complex test studies

An alternative text for this image not featured GLDS is the world's first cryptographic money company to build an exceptional synergistic relationship, particularly between advanced progress and the local economy, gold mining. Our efforts use blockchain innovations to make gold mining easier and more effective. Gold, on the other hand, supports GLDS tokens by offering security and effort.


The main purpose of our business is to make gold more attractive and usable for many people. We accept the use of cryptographic forms to give critical money.

In order to achieve the goals that lie ahead, we have developed our own decentralized digital currency as part of the GLDS business: It is based on very mechanical ideas to achieve a high level of liquidity for business tokens. Each coin issued by our company is supported by 0.02 grams of gold by integrating two speculative instruments that appear to be separate from the world: gold and digital forms of money. Every member of the GLDS initiative has the opportunity to get off to a very innovative start, but receives an automatic income guarantee, regardless of what brings life. Website



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