Shopping has been the normal way of purchasing items whether it being online or the normal shopping. In this process, different benefits comes along such as obtaining gift cards, rewards point, discount coupon etc. which helps to reduce the price of whatever item which is to be purchased or can also be to get items from that particular store for free. But unfortunately, most times they end up not being used as a result of whatever it might be or better still, the holder would have preferred the cash instead. This factor makes them pile up and most times they end up wasted. Now think of a system where you can actually exchange these coupon, rewards for digital tokens to others who needs it. Amazing right?. This basically will usher me into introducing Gatcoin.

What is Gatcoin?
Gatcoin is simply a digital wallet for your phone where you can manage all your coupons, rewards point etc in a place. These rewards points being managed in the digital wallet are referred to as merchant token in which blockchain is used to make sure holders never lose any points you have. Now if you have any points from stores or shopping malls which you don’t visit often or better still you prefer something else rather than the reward point, Good news for you. With gatcoin, these merchant tokens can be used to trade at discount for other retailers.
With Gatcoin, you dont have to be a blockchain expert in order to be able to issue their own branded reward. Gatcoin has simply created a solution for this so that different brands can issue private branded rewards. Gatcoin simply serve as that interface which helps to manage and distribute your tokens. It doesnt end there. In Gatcoin, merchants can send tokens directly to each others wallet based on factors like their location, demographics and spending habit which is helps customers to even earn reward before visiting the merchant. So simply, gatcoin transforms traditional discout couons, loyalty points and shopping vouchers into liquid, tradable liquid tokens.

About Token sale and distribution
The GAT Coin may be a transferable ERC20 token that may be issued and transferred over the most Ethereum network. in contrast to several alternative blockchains that exist to perform one specific set of functions (such as recording the transfer of crypto-coin from one owner to another), the Ethereum blockchain was designed to be entirely “programmable”. What this suggests in plain English, is that whereas normal blockchains like Bitcoin record straightforward possession transactions (hence the widespread analogy of blockchain as a kind of electronic “ledger”), the Ethereum blockchain records computer code that may be run like all alternative program that may unremarkably reside on your computer. So, instead of merely requesting the Ethereum blockchain to record straightforward possession transfers of crypto-coin, users of the Ethereum blockchain will style and deploy miniature programs into the blockchain itself. These programs, that area unit replicated over thousands of nodes, will then perform any variety of functions, from running a straightforward “ledger”, to a lot of advanced functions like following the movement of inventory through a world offer chain.



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