Blockchain technology is applied in quite a number fields, the circle continues to grow. Because it covers extra new areas, why not attempt with the hashish industry? The aggregate of hashish and blockchain raises curiosity because of two troubles that cause a lot of doubts, which include prison issues, and additionally enthusiasm.

The cannabis industry is historically unlawful and fragmented, however professional cognizance of its many health advantages will increase its legitimacy. Some countries have agreed to the production, distribution and use of cannabis and many different countries have followed in their footsteps. The government took benefit of the probability to convince hashish customers containing high tetrahydrocannabinol (THC degrees in the manufacturing unit are the foundation for classifying hashish as narcotics or non-narcotics) as a substitute than the usage of marijuana with low THC and high stages of kanababidiol. (CBD is a thing of cannabis that affords health benefits.)

In 2017, Swiss law regarding the production, sale and use of hashish (containing a most of 1% THC) was once amended. The new regulation gives agencies the proper (with suitable authorization and licensing) to technique hashish vegetation and distribute hashish within the country.

VIRIDI strives to make the cannabis enterprise the mainstream by way of using the blockchain anyplace it is or will be legalized. Our power is our unique and pleasing investment opportunities in cannabis production in Switzerland.

Most of VIRIDI will be disseminated through accomplice frameworks, the place people will be paid in coins to make bigger the machine with new individuals. It is up to humans who have VIRIDI to pick out how to get installments, for example, new VIRIDI or other cryptographic money in circulation which can be traded with FIAT cash. Each activity in VIRIDI generates a commission seven levels above in the system, and it is up to persons who qualify for each fee to pick out whether or not they need VIRIDI or other cryptographic money, base cash ought to be set as a standard with the aid of men and women at each point in time.

Until VIRIDI is stimulated to open cash trading, VIRIDI coins through any venture / commercial enterprise are circulated to people who meet the organizational requirements. After VIRIDI is stimulated in open trade, people outdoor the organizational part of the system can put resources into VIRIDI besides the benefit of that section, for example, commissions with an activity in VIRIDI.



The predominant organisation for VIRIDI is Exer Global crew Corp, based totally in Cyprus, and the trustee for VIRIDI is "GUARD VIRIDI AG", primarily based in Lichtenstein. Our extraordinarily specialized crew of experts and consultants handles the majority of software development, especially in Europe. VIRIDI provides a wide device constructed on cryptocurrency and cannabis production, which has a platform for wallets, integration with public exchanges, and more.


(Crypto-One-Stop-Solution) consists of all features handy in cryptocurrency-based digital financial systems. The device brings together all components of transactions that are generally managed the use of FIAT money. This device presents solutions for investments, exchanges, wallets and transactions.


Explorer is a web-based tool ( This approves users to view VIRIDI pockets balances. This is an open ledger, and all transactions, along with historic transactions, can be seen.

This software can be accessed except authentication and offers statistical community data such as:

The complete amount of VIRIDI circulating at any given time Transactional volumes are accessible in a number time slots (1 hour, 24 hours, 7 days and one month) number of blocks, wallets, etc.

VIRIDI prices on a number of exchanges.

VIRIDI Wallet is a cross-platform wallet that approves customers to save VIRIDI.

Wallet provides the following features for VIRIDI:

generate new addresses on the blockchain network
allows users to view VIRIDI balances and ship transactions to different wallets
allows customers to view pending transactions and releases
allows customers to view and make deposits (Masternodes)
allows users to make price requests and show them as QR codes
allows customers to scan QR codes to send VIRIDI payments


One of the predominant drivers of the price of VIRIDI cash is the reality that VIRIDI invests in cannabis agencies in Switzerland. Returns to VIRIDI coin holders are primarily based on dividends from hashish companies. VIRIDI is a unique currency with profitable bodily and enterprise merchandise behind it. VIRIDI will offer wallet owners get admission to to on line and offline transactions.

GREEN affiliate network:

Most of VIRIDI will be disbursed through the affiliate system, the place individuals will be given prize coins to enlarge the network with new members. It is up to individuals who have VIRIDI to pick how to receive payments, for example, new VIRIDI or other conventional digital currencies (which can be exchanged for FIAT money). Each investment in VIRIDI generates a commission seven stages above in the network, and depends on the individuals (who qualify for any commission) to pick whether or not they favor VIRIDI or different cryptocurrency (one essential forex have to be set as a default by using members)) at any factor in time). Until VIRIDI is launched on public currency exchange, VIRIDI coins (through any application / project) are distributed only to eligible organisation members. After VIRIDI used to be launched on the public exchange,


Initial investor 0.1 EUR (qualified membership required).
Pre-sale at for 0.5 EUR (qualified membership required).
Pre-sale on step 1, price 1.50 EUR + 20%, maximum 15 million for sale.
Pre-sale on step 2, price 1.50 EUR + 10%, maximum 15 million for sale.
The launch of a public exchange is planned at 2.00 EUR but may increase on demand.
Further prices are based on supply and demand.

Fund distribution:
77.5 Million Operations and Production
46.5 Million Marketing and Exchange Sites
31 Million Technology and Innovation
Coin distribution:
90 Million Initial Investors
30 Million Contributions Phase 1 & 2
45 Million Mining & Masternode Prizes
20 Million Developers and Founders
10 Million Bounty & Airdrop
5 Million Advisers

4th Quarter 2017
Exer CanaPlus Ltd was established
Viridi Token was born

Presale Token
Location found for cultivation
Legal certification for marijuana cultivation
Build a website
First Quarter of 2018

Presale Token
Developing lights and testing preparation for cultivation
Product testing, strain testing, and cannabis classification
Quarter 2 of 2018

Presale Token
Started developing windows wallets, online webwall, masternodes, and blockchain
Quarter 3 2018

Presale Token
The second cultivation arrangement is 1000 kg.
Viridi blockchain is displayed
Online webwallet release for Viridi Coin
Development of Windows wallet, Masternodes and viridi blockchain
Social Communication Settings
4th Quarter 2018 presale 1-2 total open 30,000,000 presale coins 1 + 20%, presale 2 + 10% viridicoin
Airdrops and Bounty Program
New investment plan for 2019.
An agreement with cannabis farming in Schaffhausen ended, Viridi began investing in Cannabis shares.
First Quarter of 2019

Windows Viridi wallet test
Exchange green, green marks for coins (VIC) 23 / 3-2019
Viridi coins on the exchange site
Proof of Parking (POP) is ready for the first key from 23/3 to 5/4-2019
Quarter 2 of 2019

Payment from Parking Proof (POP) Q1
Remove Masternodes LVL 1-2-3
Release of Viridi Windows Viridi wallet coins on more exchange sites.
New investment possibilities for Viridi coins

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