DogData Inc. was founded by Dog's industrial team and functional experts. With a Vision to harness the power of the Dog owner community to improve Dog welfare, Dog Breeding, Dog knowledge and block market power negotiations through a strengthened system made possible by tokens and coins. The p2p DogData solution has been created by a very experienced team working in the Dog Breeding Industry. The DogData Solution is a p2p The DogData Market saves Pet Owner money by replacing marketing and wrong choices with advice from experts and judge types. The DogData Solution utilizes the knowledge and experience of the community The DogData App App uses social media to make notifications.
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Regardless of the unfriendly positive bestow the Dog Breeding Industry got from the blockchain, the industry isn't without obstructions that upset it from blooming like different businesses. These hindrances are:

  • Wasteful and ill-advised pooch reproducing.
  • Terrible eating routine for the pooches.
  • Missing government assistance structure.
  • Blunder of time
  • High pup death rates.
  • Over the top expense of bedsitters.
  • High paces of concentrated canine possession enrollments.
  • Non-accessibility of simple transportation for hounds.
  • No online canine shows or prepping for challenges and so forth.

Dogdata operation is based on the blockchain then it automatically inherits all its merits. The token (digital currency) designated for the transaction on the Dogdata platform is the Etherbone token (ETHBNT). The etherbone token is made employing a private blockchain to form provision for discounts and also they will be used globally because the token itself isn't a cryptocurrency
the main aim of DogData is to bring organization to the dog breeder and dog owner community, they shall achieve this and even more through the following:

DogExpert: Dog expert help to supply information to Dog owners which will help improve their Dogs' health care and welfare in exchange for a gift.

4Dogs Market place: this is often as a web shopping platform but with the smart filter to assist Dog owners and breeders pick the simplest and best-suited dog products for his or her dog breed.

Pedigree Chain: The pedigree chain is a public blockchain created to enable easy management and referencing of dog life data. It allows international dog breed owners to simply register their dogs. These data submitted are used to help the owner and even other owners whenever needs are.

DNA hunter: AI and deep learning agents are often easily consulted on the Dogdata platform to assist select the simplest breed combination through the utilization of massive data and deep learning.

DogDate mobile app: notifies and helps dog owners and dog breeders keep track of dog events through social media, location technology and hashtags (keywords).
Dog sale smart contract: this permits easy and secured transaction (sale) between Dog Owners and /or dog breeders. The dog sale smart contract is automatically updated on the pedigree chain transferring ownership and other details to the new owner or breeder.
Utility Token Dog government assistance rewards

DogData utilizes EtherBone erc20 utility tokens as a system for compensating pet Dog proprietors for finishing Dog deal contract government assistance achievements DogData utilizes EtherBone erc20 utility tokens for remunerating inclusion in Pet Dog proprietor learning forms.

Network focus to turn into the biggest most included pooch proprietor stage with

● 1 million Dog enlistments by 2021

● 50 million+ Dogs ordered by breed, associated with a PedigreeChain open blockchain by 2025

● 2 million brilliant Dog deal contract clients by 2025

● 20 million shrewd Dog deal contract clients by 2030

The Market


● 1'42 billion Total pooches around the world

● 520 million Domestic pooches

Market Size Increase p/a

● 50 million Newborn Dogs

● 30 million Unregistered Newborn Dogs

Web-based social networking Users

● 20 million Professional Dog Breeders

● 250+ million Pet Dog Owners

Market consumption $USD p/a

● USD 1 billion spent on outsider enlistment hound possession

● USD 70 billion burned through p2p purchasing hounds

● USD 350 billion spent on hounds way of life items

Coin Allocation
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The token (Etherbone Token and Etherbone coin) will be used by dog buyers and owners who purchase their dog needs. Through the use of this special currency, more funds will be gotten to foster the vision of this project and also to make dog ownership and welfare a wonderful experience



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