AZBI Network is a newly created, infrastructure level, multiple chain, public system. It has native support and EVM, which creates platforms that can be scaled and open to third-party industry developers. Large-scale enterprise-level applications are made possible with the AZBI Network through the use of smart contracts. The core technology that underlines the AZBI Network includes many native chain architectures that support the EVM environment through a POS-based consensus at several layers.

As many chains become more prevalent, storage capacity and computer power increase linearly. AZBI Network is the first blockchain that will support EVM on a double-layered chain structure. The multi-chain approach is far superior to previous child-chain methods which generally support contracts and smart benefits with enhanced DApp support features.

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As Multiple Chains Become More Prevalent The Storage Capabilities And Computer Power Linearly Increases. Azbi Network Is The First Blockchain That Will Support EVM On A Multiple Chain Layered Structure. The Multiple Chain Approach Is Far Superior Than The Previous Child-Chain Method Which Commonly Supports Smart Contracts And Benefits By The Improved DApp Supporting Features.

Smart Contracts

The Azbi Network Innovates Smart Contracts For Non-Native Token Users Through Cross Chain Calling. The Smart Contract Uses AZBI Network Tools To Support Use Of Tokens And BCH With ERC20 Protocol. The Basic Idea Is That The Tools Provided By The Network Are Used On Other Blockchains And Ignites Smart Contract On The Network With Tokens From Other Blockchains, The Tokens Will Be Acquired In The First Instance Through The Toolkit By Way Of A Smart Data Driven Knowledge Graph. When The AZBI Token Number Reaches A Convertible Number To The Off Chain Token, Tools Will Act To Transfer That Number Of Tokens From Azbi Network To Consume The Corresponding Amount Of Off Platform Tokens For Invoking The Smart Contract.

Explaining AZBI Multichain Technology

AZBI blockchain has developed a smart contract for external token users via cross chain calling . This smart contract implements AZBI network mechanism in supporting use of tokens such as ERC20 protocol and BCH powered token. The mechanism offered by AZBI network are being implements on other blockchain which ignites smart contracts on the network with tokens from external blockchains.These tokens are acquires through the toolkit by Smart data driven knowledge graph.T

AZBI Network Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts are being carried by tools called OP-RETURN which transfers limited information which will also be used in adding new instructions for executing further instruction in the future. After some tokens are being obtained and entitled ERC20 protocol token will be used for invoking the smart contract and making corresponding withdrawals .AZBI being supportive to EVP can be used in issuing ERC20 compatible tokens .AZBI network have full capacity to access different external public blockchains. Transactions are verified and executed serially with any worry about consensus emanated from either PoW or PoS mechanism.Proof of Work (PoW) based blockchain is a very popular system adopted by Ethereum and Bitcoin Network . Mining with this Consensus algorithm takes lots of time to verify transactions.


AZBI Blockchain Deflationary Concept

The Blockchain AZBI implements deflationary system that works this way: Each AZBI token transfer requires 1% of it to be burned while 3% are moved to the staking fund wallets and the rest 96% goes to the recipients .This is a very brilliant model adopted by AZBI network .This system will ensure price stability and constant deflation in the Network . As as the moment am writing this article the staking take of AZBI network is set at 20% per annum . The Staking platform is live and running and can be access via this website :https://Azbi.Io/Stake/


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