I love stories like this! :laughing:

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon is facing irony this week after calling Bitcoin a fraud - as the bank’s Swiss arm is sanctioned for fraud.

Reports from local media outlet Die Handelszeitung relate how the Swiss regulator Finma had ruled JPMorgan was guilty of money laundering in June.

A legal battle then ensued, with Dimon’s giant attempting to prevent the publication of Finma’s judgment.

This month, however, the law ruled against it, but details of the extent of the wrongdoing remain sketchy.

The news is especially amusing to Bitcoin proponents, who watched as Dimon’s accusations that the virtual currency was a “fraud” sent it into temporary freefall in September.

Commentators such as Andreas Antonopoulos were quick to jump on the gratifying reversal of fortune, the cryptocurrency expert telling the audience during a Q&A session this week that “Jamie doth protest too much methinks.”

Source: https://cointelegraph.com/news/jpmorgan-guilty-of-money-laundering-tried-to-hide-swiss-regulator-judgement