(Q1 2020 Official ION Status)

IIP 1 Scopes out the purpose and guidelines for IIPs. The eventual goal is to incorporate this structure onto the blockchain. i.e. you will be able to review and vote on different IIPs V.I.B (Voting via ION Blockchain). Status is Implementation I.D.K (I Don't Know) The ION, Ionomy, and general public communities has APPROVED this proposal last year.

IIP 2 Introduces secondary tokens onto the blockchain. This is happening now with the introduction of IONsx, Atom and XDM Ionomy tokens with IIPs 66, 7, 8 and 10. (current status: REJECTED - NOT in accordance with IIP 1 standards)

IIP 3 Revised block reward schedule. (FREEZE ORDER - 5 year stagnate design implemented under ION Core Team's emergency process in current 2019 version 4.0 ION wallet)

IIP 4 Timelock-based block reward structure. Status is I.D.K. The ION, Ionomy, and general public communities has APPROVED this proposal last year.

IIP 5 Halve masternode collateral requirement. Status is I.D.K The WIN design covers this proposal with introduction of IONsx asset containing 10,000 coins (refer to IIP 10)

IIP 6 Deflationary-Proof-of-Transaction-POTx Currently being voted on by selective portion of current ION masternode owners. ionomy is deploying design with ION "ELECTRON" wallet scheduled for Q1 2020. Ionomy community have pending status of "Not Legal or Acceptable" to encourage a "Bait & Swap" product scam to Ionomy investors Waiting on ION Core team to publish the revised block reward schedule in ION Community forum.

IIP 66 WildOnION-Node-Responsibility Ionomy 2020 Ecosystem White Paper (Draft stage by System Engineers Dr. Onion & lack of Mr. Matlack) Implement secondary network control & limits. Currently Ionomy ecosystem white paper in Draft status available to public with 2K+ views. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1443633.msg42307466#msg42307466

]IIP 7 Increase-ION-Blockchain-Reward-with-Smart-Nodes-[b]18-coins (WiN concept in Public consensus stage Sponsored by ION Founders team.). The ION Founders team is defined as you and Wild's Depot research and development members. Multiple personalities in one body is not a team. Wild's Depot R & D team has [provided a community wallet patch design (Hot Fix 4.0.1) to [b]increase block reward to 12 coins for 2019 ION wallet.

IIP 8 Add-Developer-Assets-to-ION-Blockchain ION 2020 White Paper (Authored by Wild's Depot & ION Core team). Plan 8 is being used to encourage Ionomy to register ION & IONsx resource and be first Native token on blockchain. Wild's Depot is collecting system requirements for 2020 ION wallet & Ionomy platform.

IIP 9 Encourage-5-Year-Growth-in-Ionomy-Ecosystem Currently in the hands of ionomy LTD Leadership/Management with ionomy updated 2020 roadmap. ionomy team introduces advanced Ionomy ATP Explorer with better token management & control. Lightning is the technology developed to make all blockchain transactions move along faster. ionomy now maintains a lightning channel and is testing integration with the 2020 ionomy platform for faster withdrawals at lower cost.

IIP 10 Ionomy-2025-Vision-with-ION-Blockchain-Network-Ownership (WIN concept with advance ION Network) Currently winning public acceptance with successful Test of Concept using IONsx and Atom Ionomy Collateral Resources.

IIP 11 Display-ION-Price-on-Ionomy-Business-Website (Authored by ionomy GM Richard Nelson)

IIP 12 Implement-DarkMatter-XDM-in-Ionomy-Ecosystem (Authored by Mr. Matlack and ION Community) status of currently slowly being deployed to community with Golden hour pricing implementation successful at ionomy Trade market.

IIP 13 Implement-GAMEGRID-in-Ionomy-Ecosystem (Announced by Chief Strategist Adam Matlack and ionomy GM Richard Nelson) Enterprise level crypto integration for existing games with a robust API and tournaments that can be deployed with just a few clicks. Currently available in a BETA product.

IIP 14 Implement-GameDock-in-Ionomy-Ecosystem (Announced by Chief Strategist Adam Matlack)

Note: Status and funding provided by IIP Editor Dr. Onion of Wild's Depot 8)

This information has NOT been reviewed or commented on by the ionomy representative in the R & D team