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The internet is an insecure medium for information exchange that often results to high risk of intrusion and fraud as a result of the current architecture of the internet technology. The problems of insecurity have led so many people losing confidence in storing or transferring their confidential documents on the internet. get rid of the prevalent challenges of insecurity so many methods has been proffered like encryption, introduction of VPN service but all wasn't effective. As we all know the Internet is another world entirely for every mankind, the space needs to be well protected and this is why the Team of Taychon Protocol developers in collaboration with X-VPN and VSYSTEM has emerged to offer a sustainable solution to the common problems of insecurity, lack of privacy and speed in the internet space. In this article, I will make an elaborated discussion on Taychon Protocol, IPX token, and how Tacyhon Protocol has committed to develop a groundbreaking new generation TCP/IP which will provide safety and self-sufficient internet environment which will be offered the global users the security, anonymity, and higher network speed they all desire.

Amazing facts about Tachyon Protocol

Decentralizing internet and restructuring the TCP/IP Protocol is one of the core objectives of Tachyon Protocol, hence, boosting user's Privacy, and data security.The company will achieve this through decentralization and encryption. Tachyon Procol will transform the current internet system into more reliable types which will provide a self-sufficient internet environment which will enable users to gain their total freedom, the highest security and Internet of high speed.

It is a decentralized internet Protocol developed on V SYSTEM blockchain with the sole aims of creating a trusted , stable, fast ,reliable, and highly transparent decentralized information network. Tachyon Protocol has developed the next generation TCP/IP by combining different technologies such as DHT, UDP ,Blockchain, and encryption. The system is more superior that the currently existing system which only implements encryption. The solution offered by Tachyon will provide the global internet users a very comfortable and self-sufficient internet atmosphere that will give everyone rest of mind and guarantee high security , anonymity and fastest networks speed ever experienced.

Tachyon Protocol was built on X-VPN technology, which is a very popular VPN service provider that has been operating for many years and has over 50 million users worldide. The Company will be intergrating blockchain technology into DHT, UDP with encryption to optimize their service.Taychon Protocol was launched in September 2019, the project development never stopped, they have released up to 8th demo prototype and the Alpha version of Tachyon VPN for Mac Operating system has been released while the version for Android and iOS operating system will be available in the first quarter of 2020 (Q1,2020).


Components of Tachyon Protocol

1 Tachyon Booster UDP (TBU): This techniques is capable of 200 % - 1000% transmission acceleration and more than 90% connection success rate in a restricted network Environment.
2 Tachyon Security Protocol: It is an end to end encrypted content security protocols which offer real-time protection against middle man attacks and other security problems.
3. Tachyon Anti- Content Analysis:It improves network anti monitoring potentials through concurrent multi-path routing and relay forwarding system.
4 Tachyon SDK: This is easily deployable with popular programming languages which enable easy incorporation with new and existing software. Tachyon SDK has multiple applications which include decentralized finance, network security, and blockchain.

XVPN: is a major body of Tachyon Protocol, its a top and world high ranked VPN service provider on the internet that has more than 50 millions users with covered up to 232 countries of the world .XVPN is ranked to be the top 20 mobile apps on both Google play Store and Apple app store.

V SYSTEM is an open source blockchain platform, it serves the general purpose for decentralized application. Interested developers can easily build their various DApps and
businesses on VSYSTEM network.V SYSTEM Network has utilized its innovative consensus algorithm (SPoS), Supernode Proof of Stake .IPX token which serves as the native token of Tachyon Protocol is issued on VSYSTEM network and currently Staking is available for IPX.Interested investors can as well generate more income through staking system on VSYSTEM network.


IPX token was developed on V-SYSTEM Blockchain.It is the native cryptocurrency the fuels the economy of Tacyhon Protocol ecosystem.Holder of IPX token will be able to participate actively in Tachyon Network, the token grants easy and affordable means of sharing the spare bandwidth of nodes to strengthen the growth and stability of the network. IPX token can be staked to earn more tokens.
IPX Token has been listed in Bithumb Cryptourrency Exchange, which is one among the World largest Cryptocurrency Exchange.Interested investors and traders can easily bad their shares of IPX token



1 IPX token serves as identity verification for the provider nodes, which is very important for the security of the Tachyon Protocol Network. Without identity verification by token, the traffic can easily be monitored by malicious nodes and undermining the network security.
2 IPX token also serves as Community incentives mechanism which serves the purpose of building the network growth.
3 IPX token also serve as a trading instrument and store of value .It enables operation of Tacyon market by means of pressesion locking, session fee collection and instant checkout.

Tachyon Official Resources

Website: https://tachyon.eco
Whitepaper: https://tachyon.eco/TachyonWhitePaper.pdf
OnePager: https://tachyon.eco/onePaper.pdf
Telegra: https://t.me/tachyoneco
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tachyon_eco
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/TachyonIPX
Medium : https://medium.com/tachyon-protocol
Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/tachyon-protocol
Kakao : https://open.kakao.com/o/gRTetMzb
Github: https://github.com/tachyon-protocol

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