Join the most promising FinTech Startup block-chain project with leading global partnerships!
BankEx plans to provide a multi-purpose platform incorporating smart contract to build a Proof of Asset protocol that enables tokenized asset generation and contracts called Decentralized Capital Markets
A quote from the BankEx Team:
We are building Internet of Assets (IoA) on the principles of Bank-as-a-Service (BaaS), powered by Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.
These protocols will become utilized to create a Crypto “Investment Bank” for tokenized assets and asset-backed ICO’s

BankEx will also be an open asset foundation and an Independent lab for tokenized technologies

Highly detailed information can be found on the BankEx Whitepaper
One specific area of interest to investors (sourced on page 30 of the bankEx whitepaper), provides a model for the process of smartdeal proposals which are at the core of BankEx opperations. It also provides the conceptual links in outside banking, blockchain smart contract integrations.
Smart Deal Proposal Operation

This diagram is a valuable resource in understanding not only the potential of BankEx, but also the value the platform provides for users and banking partners alike.
Another area of interest is found on page 32 of the whitepaper. This diagram highlights the flow of core processes for Smart-assets

I urge investors to invest the time into reading the whitepaper and you will quickly realize the potential this project has to offer.
BankEx has experienced rapid growth within the past 2 years; raising over 1 million in prior funding and receiving attention from Microsoft Azure through a $120K grant.
The platform has a proven track record as Fintech Startup incubator through funding 2 ventures and starting up 5. BankEx has 10+ bank clients, a team of professional financial advisers, and leading block-chain technology partners.
Last to mention — the Pre- ICO raised $1.5 Million.
The BankEx team has the credentials and resources to make this project not only successful, but to create something that completely revolutionizes assets on block-chains
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