Dain is the next generation of Artificial intelligence.DAIN is a decentralized and global distributed public computing network controlled by blockchain . DAIN specializes in addressing and solving artificial intelligence related problems. The team of DAIN believes Artificial intelligence and blockchain will disrupt virtually the entire global industry in some few years time.DAIN allows efficient utilization of computing resources anywhere around the Globe without any need for intermediary services.It solves complex computational Artificial intelligence problems and offer rewards to hardware owners . DAIN is a robust ecosystem , it also compose of the market place that link companies who are in similar needs to offer and discover solutions together. Practically, DAIN does not have its own computing resources , it rather makes use of free computer resources from any computer or devices ranging from Data Centers to smartphones and IoT devices.


(i) DAIN aims to offer easy ad cheaper access to AI and enabling all consumers ranging from small businesses to larger establishment and corporations extracting knowledge from big data and reducing time to time market in generation models, monetizing data and knowledge.
(ii) DAIN allows users renting their Idle computational power of various devices across the globe so as to be utilized by companies solving AI problems.
(iii) It allows new business models to be generated by companies , building new relationship models with their customers and new revenue streams .It also offer a safe place where to sell , rent and sharing knowledge, solutions .
(iv) DAIN enables any company irrespective of their size to easily and efficiently train new model with their own data or data from external sources provided to DAIN.It can later refine the model with 3rd party date which is available in the data marketplace. (v) The company publish the model in the marketplace and generate revenue from it while taking complete control,ownership and knowledge of the model.
DAIN is developed to interact with 2 types of users which are final users and institutions i.e Private companies or other category of institution like Research centres and Universities.

End Marketplace , this is the computational resources market , to share free computing capacity of their devices just to cover institution requests for service and receiving token rewards as payment.

Producers : Producers create new AI models trained in DAIN utilizing their own data or data supplied by the network members and paying tokens in exchange for usage of computer resources or data. This solution are created for their own consumption or expose in the marketplace anytime to generate income streams
Consumers : Consumers directly get access to AI marketplace and utilize the existing solution created by producers.

It is important to take note that DAIN is expected to develop fast with different types of users as analysed in various roles described. DAIN is not limited to this model.Institutions with own data centers or cryptocurrency miners can also play the role of END USER and sharing computing resources through DAIN and buying their DAIN token through Exchange service.

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