There is huge competition in Cryptocurrency exchange service provider which includes both centralized and decentralized exchanges. Most people do complain decentralized exchanges always have low volume but in times of security, they still remain the best exchange that is befitting for cryptocurrency exchanges due to their decentralized nature. Decentralized exchanges generally are very convenient to use, anyone irrespective of their location can make use of decentralized platform, they don't require registration and all these mandatory KYC/AML Verification procedure unlike in the Centralized exchanges. Operating and trading activity in decentralized platform is quite anonymous and secured. No one is having access to users' funds. Being the custodian of their personal key, users have complete control over their funds.To
access any decentralized exchanges, instead of login in with email , users only need to login with their existing wallet key or create a new wallet to login. It is very simple and secure. All these features are lacking in centralized platform. Today, i will be focusing my topic of discussion on a CODEX platform, a decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange projects that focus to solve some major problems in cryptocurrency trading system. Eventually, the team of CODEX Exchange has Denied a working strategy to attract a large number of users into their exchange by using cross-chain network which is capable of handling multi-chain in the platform.
This simply means the exchange will not be limited to ERC20 tokens and will accommodate tokens from diverse blockchain network. This was accomplished by implementing IBC function developed by Cosmos Network.Co-DEX Platform was built on COSMOS blockchain network which will allow more users into the exchange.Co-DEX platform is a multipurpose crypto trading platform that accommodates trading of a wider range of digital assets from different blockchain network.


It is the first decentralized digital asset trading platform with NO fees designed on IBC technology which was introduced by Cosmos Network. The platform enables automated trading system with the aid of smart contract and remove the barrier of customers' funds being held by a third party.CODEX is a neutral market of various digital assets, it will be the future of DEX because of the interoperability function it has.

The cross-blockchain functionality system will enable users to exchange various coins and tokens from different blockchain network with ease.It will be the first DEX that will house the trading of multiple coins and tokens from diverse blockchai network. This interoperability function of Co-DEX platform will enable the security, convenience, and efficiency in trading operations.

CO-DEX offers users Protection: The decentralized nature of codex platform guarantees anonymous trading system where users do not need to provide their details from registering on the platform for trading. In this case users are protected and the government that imposes taxes on traders based on their trading profitability will not be able to access the platform or user's details.

No fees Exchange: Some exchanges will charge their users some considerable amount for trade and making things difficult for them . Codex put customers' profitability into consideration, they believe if users trade profitably in their platform.They will patronize them more often and inviting their co-traders. The charges levied by C0-dex is the only transaction fees that cover the cost of transactions ,no excessive trading fees. Users will be charged for a single transaction.Users can make several transactions but the platform smart contract will oversee all multi-transaction and normalize the transaction process.

USERS COMPLETE CONTROL OVER FUNDS: The decentralized nature of Co-DEX Platform enables users to take complete control over their funds as the funds are not in centralized wallet. Users have their private keys, which grant them access to their various funds at any particular point in time. This feature makes users always feel secured as they don't have their funds in external wallet which is vulnerable to hacks.

Co-Dex new decentralized exchange has great prospects for their development. The cross-chain feature of the platform, which enables multiple blockchain coins and tokens trade-able is a big plus. This will attract large of numbers of traders in the platform. Private Sale is Live, an opportunity to invest profitably in Co-Dex The project is opened now. You can visit their official website to make a purchase. Below are the official links.

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