To invest in a Blockchain project, it is very ideal one conduct all necessary research about that particular project before venturing into it.While there are some trustworthy projects, there are also unreliable ones that flooded cryptocurrency marketplace. This negative trends of scam projects has tarnished the images of all crypto-related investment because the bad eggs have mixed with the good ones. It is now left to the prospective investors to conduct their due diligence in other not to fall victim of these scam projects.

Today, am going to discuss extensively on an inspiring and reliable blockchain project named EZ365. It is a blockchain backed ecosystem comprising of 3 solid and integrated platform .EZ Platform will create a user-friendly platform that will cater 3 major operations which will enable users to Trade cryptocurrency in a very secured and conducive atmosphere. EZ365 has also designed an E-gaming platform where all global game lovers will be able to play games worldwide with high winning potential. Another interesting aspects of the ecosystem is the EZ Academy which will enable both newbies and professionals learn more about Blockchain technology and  operation of  EZ  cryptocurrency exchange gain adequate knowledge on the platform. I shall broadly explain the 3 components of EZ365 ecosystem in the preceding paragraph.



Online e-gaming industry is one among the best-selling industries in the World. There are higher number of gamblers worldwide.Meanwhile, there are several problems associated to online gambling industry. In most cases, moving funds in and out is always a challenge. Secondly, Cryptocurrency Market volatility is another major challenges.As we all know crypto market is highly volatile, sometimes it can be favorable or otherwise. Lack of transparency is another problem in online gaming system.All these problems have been critically examined by the Team of EZ365 and they are willing to offer a sustainable solution to all these problems. EZ will integrate an exchange in their platform which will facilitate instant Fiat funding and withdrawal.In addition, a stable coin will be available for playing games on EZ Win and this will resolve the problem of unforeseen volatility in the value of customers' assets. Another solution proffered by EZ Platform in the gaming section is the Blockchain architectural design of the platform. EZ Win is powered by Blockchain Platform which enables transparency, security, transparency and fair winning for all users in the platform. The conventional Online gaming system are fond of manipulation, which is quite discouraging, EZ Win platform has been designed to be a WIN for ALL platform.Every operations conducted are recorded in a distributed ledger which is always transparent and available for everyone . There will be no room for manipulation in EZ Win platform .


Cryptocurrency trading sphere have so many challenges in which security has proved to be one of the major problem. EZ Exchange has a team of experienced IT professionals with a decade of experience in Blockchain and Security.They are willing to offer their users a highly secured Digital trading platform in which users' funds will be very secured at any point in time. Intelligent trading management mechanism will be integrated in the trading platform will always give a signal to the management In case of fraudulent activities or any anomalies taking place within the exchange environment. Another challenge often experienced by crypto traders in exchanges is bad customers support.Some exchanges have very poor customers support which always lead to customers suffering loss and losing interest in patronizing such exchanges. EZ Exchange is willing to offer the global users 24/7 customer service via phone, email, and chat in diverse languages. Another amazing features of EZ exchange is offering simplified user friendly interface coupled with multi-language trading interface for global customers covering English, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and many more countries in the world. This will allow the platform to gain wider adoption due to the major countries of the world it covered. Withdrawing fiat from recognized European Union Banks in any currency will be made available coupled with fiat account funding and withdrawal with credit card.Hardware wallet will be integrated to the platform. Lastly, EZ Exchanges will grant users the option of monthly subscription based trading system or pay per trade, this depends on the user's choice.


EZ academy vision is to facilitate the massive adoption of cryptocurrency by making it easier for the beginners and further boosting the knowledge and skills of the advance users.EZ academy equip their users with advanced trading strategies .The Academy will be offering a trading and developmental portal which will cover how to make full and efficient utilization of EZ Exchange where beginners and professionals users will be educated how to trade successfully on the exchange. Another component of the Academy is the community portal which the exchange users will be able to interact with themselves, sharing ideas and information. Discussion such as trading or suggestions on new and beneficial functionality of the exchange will be welcomed. Community portal will be containing data feeds generated from several sources and information such as Market Data, New, Indexes, and reference rates, and advanced analytics for users will be contained. Lastly, VIP Club will be available for the high-volume traders .Dedicated EZ Exchange users will gain access to a number of unlimited premium features which include special events and resources.


There are multiple startup projects in crypto market wanting to raise funds for the development of their various project.It is worthy to conduct deep research before venturing into any project. EZ365 Project is a project consisting of real and dedicated team members, perfect working products and many beneficial features. Based on the above discussion, it's obvious this company will deliver the right product and services to the global users and with time the platform will attract higher number of users.EZ365 ecosystem consists of 3 solid platform which is quite marketable in Crypto space .i.e EZ Win ;The gaming platform , EZ Exchange and EZ Academy . It really worth to be attentive and supportive to this class of project due to the unlimited success potential it has.Be part of something HUGE!

Official Resources

Website: https://ez365.io/

Whitepaper: https://ez365.io/s/EZ365_Whitepaper-wpl2.pdf

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5173028

Overview Deck: https://ez365.io/s/EZ365_OverviewDeck-ymzz.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EZ365ecosystem

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