In this current digital world, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology have created huge challenges to the existing financial system, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are expected to correct the corporate red tape, boost financial inclusion and creating more transparent global economy. While our expectation goes as mentioned, the industry has not been able to achieve all these goals probably due to the fact they are still at their infancy and some other reasons which I will not hesitate to mention in this article. Several Cryptocurrency exchanges offer different policies,fees, operational terms, and payment methods, some of which are not the same in terms of functionalities, being regulatory complied, user friendliness and security. The aforementioned factors matter a lot and plays a significant roles in increasing users patronage while making a choice of exchanges. It also boosts efficiency and stabilization of the ecosystem.

Today, am going to be talking about an existing Blockchain powered global Digital asset trading platform named Emirex whose headquarter is located in Dubai United Arab emirates. It is a fully regulatory compliance Digital Assets trading Platform.The Team of Emirex exchanges have taken time to study the loopholes in the existing Cryptocurrency exchange platform and has come up with a sustainable solution to those prevalent challenges in cryptocurrency exchanges sphere, thereby making Cryptocurrency trading and investment worthy and profitable for the global investors. Emirate platform offered their users all necessary infrastructures required for successful functionalities of trading and investment. In the paragraphs below i will discuss some of the solution which Emirex has offered to boost efficiency and accelerate the growth of the Cryptocurrency exchanges sphere.

Emirex was able to accomplish this by creating a veritable one stop , secured platform which will cater all cryptocurrency-related needs for the global users.As indicated in Emirex whitepaper, they envisioned to create a robust infrastructure for the global digital economy which they already accomplished. Emirex Cryptocurrency exchanges placed security of Investor's funds and assets as their major priority. Emirex has been progressive enough and have achieved a lot in their mission to build a credible and most secured cryptocurrency exchange platform. Emirex Platform has secured dedicated wallets for global users coupled with high liquidity and secured Crypto trading platform which offer professional trading services. Emirex exchange is not just a mere sub-standard cryptocurrency exchange. It is a professional Digital assets trading Platform because the platform has been integrated with bulk of professional trading tools for technical analysis which will aid successful trading within their ecosystem. In terms of Security, Scalability, and speed Emirex offer the best service for their global users.Users can conduct Fiat to crypto transaction and Crypto to crypto transaction on the platform. Crypto to crypto transaction has proved to be the fastest and instantaneous service while the underlying cause of delayed transfer related to the fiat and credit card is basically from the payment provider as they are separate and external infrastructures.In addition, Emirex offered Cold storage service for their digital assets custody . This is another fantastic feature of Emirex because Cold storage are means to keep investors' assets more secured and making it very hard to hack.

Emirex has further expanded their scope by focusing on business sectors. They also diversified into tokenization system, they offer these solutions to organization, startup and existing companies willing to tokenize and distribute their assets, commodities, and debts. In most cases, tokenization are very costly because third parties will get involved and they would have to receive their service charges for linking up both investors and the investors. Emirex decentralized the entire tokenization system and eliminate the so called intermediary by establishing Peer to Peer connection between the end-users investors and the tokenization offerings. Such tokens can be listed without pains and directly on Emirex exchange. Emirex has been very progressive in their business and has also shift their direction into an investment space by offering own underwriting fund.The company is willing to invest in the most valuable and long-term potential tokens and digital assets, thereby expanding the Cryptocurrency market ecosystem and offering supports for small scales business startups.

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It is a utility token used in Emirex ecosystem.It acts as a fuel to Emirex economy. It can be used to pay for the listing fees for tokenized assets placement, it can also be used for transaction fees on the exchange .i.e buying and selling , Payment for services and custodian fees.It can be used to pay for partners incentives Scheme and commissions.
Emirex is an established Digital assets trading company which has attracted a large number of users due to their goodwill, security , transparency and general operational efficiency.Every means to drive growth and development into the company are being explored by the team of management .Currently there is a referral program running on the platform in which a total sum of $200,000 has been released to be distributed for the program.Referral commission will be paid to the user for successful invitees they refer into the platform. Emirex token value will increase with time. The team has adopted a token burning technique which will allow half of total token supply token left in the ecosystem. The more EMRX burnt the higher the value and the higher the demand for it. Tokens will be burnt periodically until 50% of the token in circulation remain. It really worth investing in this class of company due to their success records and the aforementioned services they render. The company is full of unlimited potentials. Meanwhile, this is not an investment advice and i urge all prospective investors to do their due diligence. Be part of the future !!

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