The year 2017 Cryprocurrency industry boom has opened doors to popularity of Crypto assets and draws high global audience into the industry. Lots of Startup companies have been able to raise funds for their various companies through ICO and IEO.In the recent years, massive adoption of cryptocurrencies has opened doors for so many fin-tech companies and entrepreneurs to creating different cryptocurrency exchanges where digital assets are been traded. Currently over 320 Cryptocurrency exchanges has been established according to the data provided by Many of them are not listed, while some are still raising funds for their projects. There exist some loopholes in the space despite the massive development in Cryptocurrency Exchanges ecosystem. There still exist some prevalent problems such as insecurity, inadequate liquidity, high transaction charges, and problems of adoption. The Team of EZ365 having realized all these shortcomings have developed a platform that will correct all the aforementioned shortcomings. EZ365
platform will address all these challenges and provide all necessary solution to problems which traders majorly faces. Investors are faced with the problem of insecurity, the alarming rate of hacks in some high ranked Cryptocurrency exchanges and different Cyber attacks discourages prospective investors. The complexity in the interface of some exchanges does not encourage newbies to understand trading.Traders are faced with lots of problems such as poor services, inefficient customer's service, and majorly uncertainty. All these are the problems which EZ365 Platform is willing to correct.

EZ365 Platform service is not limited to offering Cryptocurrency Exchanges service. It is a multi-platform Blockcain ecosystem consisting of 3 different branches in which i will explain clearly below. Within the ecosystem we have EZ Win which is the gaming platform. The second branch of the ecosystem is EZ Exchange, which is the market environment where different forms of cryptocurrencies can be traded. The third branch of the ecosystem is the EZ Academy which functions as the medium of increasing the general public education on Blockchain technologies and Cryptocurrency.

EZ365 consists of 3 major branches in their ecosystem, which i will explain below

EX EXCHANGE: The exchange is not just limited to crypto trading. It incorporates Fiat/crypto trading in their exchanges.Fiat funding and withdrawal is made available with a very reduced charges. EZ exchange will correct some challenges faced by the existing crypto currency exchange. Simplified user interface and Multilingual service are provided by the exchange.

EZ WIN: It is a Blockchain powered online casino where Gamers all over the world can have a good time. Gamblers and game lovers generally can place their bets in different games made available in the platform. Casino and Gaming service is designed in such a way that betting and winning are placed with the use of Stable Coins.

EZ ACADEMY: Trading of Cryptocurrencies needs adequate knowledge and experience.To be successful in the trade, one must have suffered loss in the past or expressly have an enlightenment center where they study and learn about the Market situation. In other to make everyone successful in trading, EZ has found an Academy where crytocurrency Knowledge will be fully impacted on the students.People willing to learn about Blockchain technology can subscribe in the Academy and enjoy the best of EZ365 Academy service.

EZ365 team has conducted a great deal of survey and has understood the prevalent problem in Cryptocurrency Exchange space. Below areĀ  the features of the Exchange

  1. Offering 24/7 Customers Support services: EZ platform sees customer's satisfaction as the priority, they focus on providing quality customer service to their users on 24/7 services.
  2. Offering-User friendly interface: Simplifying buying and selling process of cryptocurrencies is what the team has achieved through
    hard work. Any class of users will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies irrespective of their experience. The Platform is
    directive and easy to use.
  3. Integration of FIAT/CRYPTO payment system: Users can move in and out their Fiat in the exchange.
  4. Pay per use Model integration and monthly trading subscription is another fantastic mechanism incorporated in EZ exchange. Users of EZ Exchange will benefit from these features.
    5 High Liquidity Platform: We all know liquidity is the backbone of any successful cryptocurrency exchange. Any Exchanger lacking liquidity will have not customer's patronage. Ez Win is a branch of EZ365 Platform will be another means for liquidity generation into the platform. Besides, EZ exchange has partnered with some reputable Exchange which will help in boosting liquidity.
    6 Affiliate programs is always made available on EZ Platform which will help interested people earn EZ365 token without limit on the

    Final thought,
    I feel much impressed writing to public about this glorious project .EZ365 Platform has a lot of goodies to offer the general masses .All services offered by the platform are marketable, their EZ Academy will spread across the universe the good news about Cryptocurrency and the underlying technology which will also help in achieving global audience in the industry. It worth supporting and giving attention to this class of project due to the bundles of potential it has. IEO is live, don't miss out.


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