About a decade ago,several astonishing events has been happening in the world of technology.Technology has been simplifying the way of life for human being. Almost a decade ago, Bitcoin cryptocurrency was invented by an unknown founder whom everybody knows as Satoshi Nakamoto.The cryptocurrency was born from the Blockchain technology, the originator believes firmly in decentralization and decentralized economy in general. He believes for money to fulfill its true quality, it should be decentralized. The underlying technology of Bitcoin does not give room to any intermediary service.It is not strange that finances managed by human has potential of manipulation. Blockchain technology is completely decentralized and guarantees efficiency, transparency, security, and cost of effective.
Ever since the inception of Bitcoin, other alternative cryptocurrencies has been developed, all originated from Blockchain technology .In this modern digital Era, Blockchain has become and indispensable tool, which is found applicable in different sectors of life.Governments institutions, Industries, Companies ,Education, Health sectors and more has integrated this technology into their various system in other to facilitate efficiency, security, transparency, and cost economy. Today, am going to focus my topic of discussion on a Game changing innovative blockchain project named VECTORIUM.
Vectorium is a multidimensional Blockchain based Crypto Energy Platform designed to produce a sustainable Energy for human consumption as well as Cryptocurrencies. Details about how Vectorium plans to achieve this goal shall be elaborated below, just follow me :)

Vectorium is a special Crypto Energy Platform that implements Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the production of sustainable energy and Cryptocurrency. Vectorium project has been solely designed to achieve two major goals which include the Production of Energy and Cryptocurrency.The process includes efficient management of waste, converting Waste in an eco-friendly manner into renewable energy. The process is not just limited to converting Waste to Energy, the energy produced are also converted into Cryptocurrency through the process of mining, which is termed as Waste to Coin (WTC).
Vectorium platform has introduced 2 different forms of Cryptocurrencies, namely: Vectorium Flash and Vectorium Plus.

1. Vectorium Flash (VCT): Vectorium is a mineable type of coin which be burned an Electrical Energy. It can be exchanged into the energy coupons or for Vectorium
Flash (VCT).The following are the features of Vectorium Flash (VCT)
(i) VCT has higher transaction speed rate which is below 0.12 millisecond.
(ii) It is mineable and can be easily mined at home by anyone.
(iii) VCT is tradeable and can be exchanges in various Cryptocurrency Exchanges.
2. Vectorium Plus (VCTP): Vectorium plus is another special coin, it is an asset coin on Vectorium Ecosystem which can be used in converting the mined coins into an Electrical Power.One Special things about (VCTP) is that holders have right to claim part ownership of Vectorium Island and the value an holder is holding is tied to the island.20% bonus of investors holding in Vectorium Plus are paid annually for 4 years, this depends on the investor's capital investment.


The process involves processing waste, converting waste into renewable energy which will be the Electricity for Cryptocurrency mining. This process is regarded as Waste to Coin (WTC) which mean the Ecosystem is serving a dual purpose. Waste into Electricity and Electricity to Cryptocurrency .There are lots of infrastructures required to achieve this goal which is the reason why Vectorium project is conducting is fund raising program at the moment. Any interested investors globally can invest in this project.

Vectorium Island is a smart eco friendly environment in which the entire production is taking place. The process of converting Waste into a renewable Energy and energy into cryptocurrency known as Waste to Coin is taking place in Vectorium Island. Vectorium project has created a better atmosphere in which the entire manufacturing process is being taken place with the help of the Artificial intelligence (AI) and Blockchain technology. Investment in Vectorium plus will qualify an investors to become part ownership of Vectorium Island. The more the value of investors holding in (VCTP),the larger the part of Island an investor is owing. The Team
of Vectorium Project planned to establish Vectorium Island in some countries around the World which includes UK, Costa Rica, Turin, and more.

Final thought,
Vectorium Project has a vision to establish an innovative atmosphere for both Energy Production and Cryptocurrency mining. Without doubt and considering the concepts, roadmap and white paper of this project, this project will be a very huge success. Vectorim plans to make the World a better place by creating an Energy through the harmful human waste in an eco-friendly environment that will not be harmful to human society. It worth considering this project because of the huge potential of success it has. Don't miss BIG THING! Be part of this amazing revolution.#IEO #Vectorium #VectoriumPlus #VCTP #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #CryptoEnergy #blockchain


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