Blockchain technology has proved to be one of the most vital technology that the need world needs most. The advantages surrounded blockchain technology is immeasurable
and it generally improve the livelihood of mankind. It is one of the basic reason why Cannacor choose to integrate their platform on Blockchain. They aim to improve
cannabis adoption plans and ideas. Cannacor Platform is designed to improve the system of shipping, processing, and purifying cannabis for the general users. Cannacor
platform establishes the framework paradigm by making cannabis very healthy as a product for the global users. Cannacor will be integrated into Blockchain with the
sole aims of bringing sustainable change in the field of Cannabis research, processing, and supply. The major goal is transforming the Cannabis cultivation process,
make it more transparent, useful in the field of human health.

It is a Blockchain Powered platform which adopts pure genetic production, Integrating Cannabis with blockchain enables purification in the ecosystem and ensures the
cannabis usage for human health. Drugs which are meant for prevention of sicknesses and pandemics. Cannabis is considered a restricted items for human consumption but
Cannacor after having realized the potential and health benefits of Cannabis reversed the trend. The Platform choose Cannabis as health care products that are applied
for curing and preventing general treatment of patients. It integrates the entire system into Blockchain technology, issuance of Cryptocurrency to attract monetary
supports which will aid the cause of the project.

Cannacor blockchain Platform is a platform specially designed to handle and manage the right framework for producing medical products through Cannabis.All these are
designed with some features which could be found below:

(i) Supply Chain Management:The platform is designed on the framework of Supply Chain Management which guarantees planning, feasible management, analysis, and goal
achievemenments among a set of goals.
(ii) Decentralized Structure: Cannacor platform is decentralized in nature, the platform is accessible by anyone at any geographical location. It is efficient and
transparent. They are built on Ethereum Network which is the world second largest network, which makes it very secure, transparent and globally accessible and value
exchange among different cryptocurency exchange's market place. The Platform utilized Blockchain system for fund raising, which makes it more transparent and trusted
to the users

(iii) PRODUCTION AND CULTIVATION MANAGEMENT: This segments educate users on the manufacturing mode i.e Production and cultivation management process of Cannabis.Users
will learn about the cultivation, production, packaging, and application of supplements for users.

(iv) PROCESS ANALYSIS: Cannacor process analysis is fashioned specially to improve the prospects process mode for efficient advantages achievable for the users. The
team considers and focus on generating profit for the platform in general.

(v) SCALABLE: Cannacor platform has potential of handling and housing billions operations simultaneously and is capable of functioning without freezing out.


  1. As mentioned earlier, the platform is powered Ethereum Blockchain
  2. The public fundraising will be conducted through ICO
  3. Funds raised in ICO will be used in building cultivation facilities and Blockchain developments.
  4. The Coins are distributed to the investors 30 days after the completion of ICO
  5. Accepted Currencies include, ethereum, Bitcoin, and XRP

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