There are countless natural resources and human waste, which could be used to reproduce another new product. There are lots of human waste, industrial waste, animal waste and many more that could be used to generate energy for human consumption. The process involved in achieving this purpose is regarded as Biomass.It is extremely costly to set up a Biomass infrastructure. Vectorium believe in the principle of Biomass, they believe it will drive changes into human society and enhances the livelihood of mankind. Vectorium is integrating Blockchain technology and Artificial intelligence into BIOMASS system; the process of recycling waste into Energy.
In normal Biomass system, there are some impurities emitted into human atmosphere which is very harmful to human health and human society at large. Vectorium having observed this situation is willing to change the Game. Vectorium envisioned to change the system and building a Biomass system which has zero-emission impurities and ensuring safety atmosphere in the human environment. Some of the impurities that cause environment pollution includes COx, SOH2, H2S,
and more.All these could be detrimental to human health, but we are thankful Vectorium has emerged to solve these challenges.

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Vectorium project is purely a blockchin-based ecosystem whose primary goal is to overcome the major problems associated to waste and their improper management. Vectorium concepts based solely on Converting Waste into Consumable Energy and Energy into Digital Currency. This simply means Electricity generated from Waste products will be converted into Cryptocurrency through mining system. Waste will be recycled into Energy through Sublimation process
and produce a different form of energy such as methanol and more. The concepts of Vectorium is quite amazing and i do believe the process of Converting waste into Energy is more efficient and have no negative influence on human society unlike in the conventional system.
Vectorium project is a project which should be totally supported by every individual that wants the progress and well being of their society. Apart from converting Waste into Energy, the adoption of Blockchain technology in the distribution of Energy to the massed will be more effective, transparent than any conventional system of distribution. It eliminates the need for intermediary and reducing any additional potential cost. The scheme offered by Vectorium platform is quite interesting and beneficial for everyone. Details about the Vectorium Platform agenda and future prospects can be broadly studies on their WHITEPAPER.

By and large, Vectorium focuses on the principle of "Waste to Coin". This simply means generating Coin from Waste. As explained earlier in the previous paragraph energy generated from Waste are converted into Cryptocurreny in the form of mining.Meanwhile, do not forget the renewable energy produced from Waste in Vectorium Platform is not harmful to human society, unlike the type that is generated from fossil fuels. This is among the reason why Vectorium Stand out among other project and there is needs to support this amazing innovation.

In Vectorium ecosystem, there exist 2 major coins which each other coin has their own role in the ecosystem. This simply means Vectorim Platform operates on dual coin system. Both coins are blockchain based.One of the Coin is called Vectorium Flash, Vectorium Flash (VECT) is the coin based on the Proof of Work (PoW).It is the Platform utility token that can be minted by anyone .VECT is built on ZCASH 2.0 codebase. This coin can be mine and earned in an equal and fair

The second coin in Vectorim Platform is named Vectorium Plus (VCTP).It is based on proof of Stake (PoS), It acts as a dividend currency .VCTP coin is built on Blockchain technology just like the VECT.It will become a Stable Coin backed by the real asset values like Vectorium Island and Vectorim green Power plants.Vectorium Plus (VCTP) will become assets which holders will be able to convert to equity after 4 years according to the WHITEPAPER.

Vectorium envisioned to tokenize its ecosystem which will drive the World to a renewable energy system that is less harmful to human society.The concepts of "Waste to Coin" is quite amazing, creative, and productive. Energy distribution through Blockchain in Vectorim Ecosystem will be highly effective and income generation for the Vectorium platform.It is no doubt Vectorium Platform will be a very huge success based on the products and services that have to offer the general public.Vectorium token Sale is ongoing.Be part of this amazing revolution.#IEO #Vectorium #VectoriumPlus #VCTP #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #CryptoEnergy #blockchain

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