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Content creation is an art of publishing information that could be in form of audio speech, videos, and text. Contents can be published or communicated through various medium to disseminate the information.Such Media includes Internet, Television, Radio, CD, books, and Magazines.
Social media platforms gives room to Publishers, Content creators, and influencers to disseminate their various information. In this article, am going to discuss extensively on a ground breaking next generation Social Media Platform named Sapien.I do hope everyone will find this very interesting.

Sapien is a refined Social Media platform which focuses on disseminating genuine and quality information to the public. There are lots of Social medial Platform out there which accomodate any class of publication be it fake or genuine. Sapien came into existence to change the game and offering quality and genuine information to their users. Sapien scope of operation is not limited to offering quality information to the public but also a means of rewarding thousands of content creators and curators and removing the third-party services. The SPN token is the utility token in the Sapien network. You might be wondering if it would be possible to use Sapien Network without their token.The truth is it won't cost users any penny to use Sapien Platform but user must hold Sapien tokens. Users only need to stake Sapien token before they could be able to vote, comment and Publish in the platform.This is a strategy to combat fake users, bots, fake publication in the Network. It also a strategy to allow Sapien token to gain value. Sapien Platform has paved a way for those looking for genuine information and opportunities. The platform does not allow junks, invalid, fake, or misleading information to be published to the public. The management has made sure all information published on this Platform go through some certain level of screening before they are published. Sapien is a democratized network designed with the aim of transforming and correcting loopholes in most of our Social Media industry.

It is not strange that most all these high ranked social media platform sell users' data without their consent. Sapien is a decentralized Social Network platform which makes users' information protected and private. The entire ecosystem is decentralized.In addition, the traditional social media platform does not reward the Content creators for their published work no matter how quality is the Content.Sapien Network has changed the entire game in the industry. They have developed a platform that rewards the quality content creators through their Platform coin (SPN). SPN Coin is used as a means of compensation to Content creator for creating high-quality contents like video, Photos, and articles.

What makes Sapien Network Standout among other Social Network Platform?

(i) Proof of Value:It is a concepts that differentiate and compensate the valuable and quality contents and at the same time preventing the spread of fake information and contents which are not compliant to the value of the Sapien Community.
**(ii) Reputation :**The reputation concept is an information part of Proof of Value protocol. Users again reputation through the reputation score for their participation in different communities within the Sapien Platform. The scores are dynamic and it changes with the level of user's contribution in the community. Its a reflection of users reliability and dexterity. Users who have high reputation scores will be able to promote high-quality content and going against the contents or post which contradicts the community rules.
(iii) Machine Learning: This also serves as a means of fighting against fake Contents and news. In the process of determining a false claim, the sources are weighted for reputation.Sapien algorithm to determine the false claim and display to users, which will make them identify fake news.
(iv) Identity verification:it is another means of identifying and reducing the spread of wrong information. Identities are stored in Sapien Blockchain for the sole aim of identification. Users and well known Content creators will be able to verify their identities on Blockchain and preventing trolls deceiving users from faking identities and misleading users.
(iv) Something at Stake Design: Sapien allow users to stake their tokens, these concepts eliminate trolls and other bad actors in the community.The Platform is free to use but users must stake their coins before they could be able to comment, vote and publish contents. This strategy also improves the values of SPN Token.

Final thought,

Sapien Network is an amazing Social media platform that filter fakes news and offers quality information to the public. Anyone finding genuine news or information should always go for this platform. In addition,the platform also compensate high quality content creator for their good work. They are rewarded with SPN coin for a good job done. It worth joining this platform because they have better potential of success in the future.
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Official Resources
Whitepaper : https://www.sapien.network/assets/SPNv1_1.pdf
Facebook : https://web.facebook.com/sapien.network/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/sapien_network
Telegram : https://t.me/SapienNetwork
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/sapien/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/sapien_network/
Ann Threads BTT : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2739033

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Sapien.network username: Sodaf
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