The attitude of society to gambling is very contradictory. Someone believes that they need to be at a safe distance, and someone, despite the opinion of many, continues to experience their luck in anticipation of a big win. Scientists have repeatedly tried to study gambling, as a psycho-psychological phenomenon. However, there is no consensus,
why people continue to visit casinos and gambling. One of the opinions says that there is a category of people who from the very childhood do not believe in chance. Such people are convinced that everything that is happening is a regularity that yields to logical thinking and analysis. This category of people is like a gambler.
They try to logically justify the actions that occur during the game and find a regularity that will lead them to win.

Crypto Casino Providence offers its customers to find the law in the game without leaving their home.
Providence is developed on the Ethereum platform using Blockchain technology. Thus, the casino offers to buy game chips for crypto currency. This feature is directed, first of all,
on the popularization of crypto-currencies and the solution of the problem with the use of crypto-currency in everyday life. A distinctive feature of Providence is that in addition to the typical set of games in the casino, an online visitor can make “binary bets”. The essence of these rates is that the user, while at home,
can in real time to see the players of the “ground” casino and make their bets on a particular more experienced player, abstaining from the game on their own. The next feature is the protection of foreign exchange gains on the markets of Crypto-currency. It is implemented in this way, the customer buys chips for crypto currency.
At the time of acquisition, the current rate is fixed for up to 72 hours. Thus, within 3 days the user can exchange winning chips at the rate, no less than that for which they were purchased. However, a person is not obliged to do it on time. If there is a trend of growth rate,
then the chips can be kept longer and exchanged at a more favorable rate. But in this case the player is not insured and from the depreciation

As an internal settlement currency, the Providence team developed its own PVE token. In total, it is planned to create 200,000,000 tokens in accordance with the Ethereum ERC20 standard. On October 4, the pre-session began. This phase of the sale of the tokens will last two weeks, until October 18. During the pre-sale, you can buy more than 800 PVE tokens for 1 Ethereum,
to be precise — 810.
Further, during the main sales phase, which is planned in November, for 1 Ethereum you can buy 600 PVE tokens.
Do not miss your chance to collect tokens with a bonus, as there will be no more opportunity.
The maximum goal of raising funds during the pre-session is 14,000 ETH (Ethereum).
The maximum fundraising goal for the main phase of sales is 114,000 ETH (Ethereum).
Also, a limited edition issued exclusive debit cards, linked to the exchange Providence.
Participants who have made a minimum contribution of 280 ETH receive the Exclusive Exclusive Debit Card Providence.
who made a minimum contribution of 70 ETH, receive the Silver Exclusive Debit card Providence.
The cards are issued in a limited edition and are intended only for the participants of the preselection.
Considering the above, I recommend the project for crypto investors, who deliberately form their investment portfolio of crypto-currencies. Before the completion of the pre-
sail left a few days, so hurry to get tokens with a good discount and get a privileged card Providence.
For more information about the Providence project, please see the following links:
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