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With strict capital controls in place by most countries to control the flow of money and charge high taxes, cryptocurrency gained usage in circumventing capital controls and taxes, leading to an increase in demand. Cryptocurrency has been able to present an easy to use digital alternative to fiat currencies. Offering frictionless transactions and inflation control, investors have been prudent enough to add these currencies in their diversified portfolios as an asset, as the size of the market does not represent a systemic risk. Cryptocurrency employs the use of cryptography that assures high-security processes and verifies transactions personal to each user. Hence, counterfeiting and anonymous transactions are impossible to achieve.

While this revolution is gaining wide acceptance, Dexa Coin, a revolutionary APP that will simplify the way Dexa sends and receives money around the globe while allowing people to communicate through an inbuilt instant messaging feature.

"The invention of the internet and social media brought on a cultural shift in the way people interact, socialize and spend their time. The world today has over 4 Billion monthly active messaging app users across the globe; and this figure is constantly increasing. Among its several uses and advantages, the internet has transformed and simplified how people communicate with each other worldwide. In addition to email, instant messaging has a huge impact in bringing people together.

Over the last few years, there has been increased concern about online communication privacy. The market is saturated with centralized apps and communications platforms, which are vulnerable to third-party intrusion and data theft. The need for privacy, data security, and easy to implement systems has long been the focus of corporations seeking to keep their companies’ internal workings private. The private sector shares these concerns with the corporate world. This demand for personal instant communication provoked the rise of popular encrypted communication apps, such as Telegram and WhatsApp."

With that being said, the Idea behind DEXA COIN is to simplify the way Dexa sends and receive money across the globe by harnessing the power of blockchain technology.

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What exactly is DEXA COIN?

As depicted earlier and as indicated on the official website of Dexa Coin, Dexa Coin is a revolutionary APP that will simplify the way Dexa sends and receives money around the globe while allowing people to communicate through an inbuilt instant messaging feature.

Traditional network databases that operate on client-server dynamics are no longer efficient with the influx of influx in the money transfer business. Decentralized controls will be one of the main components of money transfers, ultimately eliminating the risks that come with centralized controls that include content accessibility. Dexa Coin removes intermediaries and all other problems that come with conventional methods of money transfer and money transfers. Here there are only two players in the transaction and offer complete transparency. The use of smart phones is increasing more than 2 billion users in 2016, sending money back home has never been easier. With just a few touches on the screen, people can easily transfer money to friends & family. This costs a lot less, requires less time and does not require physical delivery of money. In addition, people will receive notifications about all transactions made through their application. With the blockchain as its core technology, it allows the transfer of money at certain times almost instantly and allows it to operate 24/7, 365 days a year.

The Mission

The main objective of Dexa Coin is to make the process of sending and receiving money faster safer and with easy accessibility to anyone who can operate a smartphone device. This is done by utilizing the power of blockchain technology which will help facilitate Remittance & Money Exchange like never before. By eliminating intermediaries, Dexa will simplify the process of sending and receiving money. Dexa offer easy-to-follow instructions that will allow anyone with a basic understanding of smartphones to transfer money at a low cost and without complications.

The Features

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Send & Receive Money Across The Globe

Anyone familiar with using a smartphone device should be able to do this with ease. The APP will be designed to be Easy, User Friendly & Secure.

Make Instant Payments

At a coffee shop or want to pay for dinner. You can make instant payments via NFC & QR Code Payment Technology.

Instant Messaging Feature

The APP will also incorporate an “Instant Messaging Feature” that Not Only allows the user to communicate with the people they are sending the money too, but also to socialize with friends & family.

Link The App To Your Bank Account

Linking the APP to the bank account will allow users to connect the APP to their Payment Card e.g.: Master Card & Visa Card or Transfer Money from the APP to their bank account and Vice Versa.


Various security measures will be incorporated within the APP to ensure the safety and security of your money & digital wallet.


The “Instant Messaging Feature” will also host a number of Security and Privacy Features such as “End to End Encryption”

About Dexa Coin Wallet

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The Dexa Wallet is a place where users will hold their DEXA tokens. The wallet will also allow the user to hold other cryptocurrencies in general, mainly ERC 20 tokens and Bitcoin. The wallet will have a number of security features in place to ensure the safety and security of your digital assets. The wallet will also host a feature that will allow a user to buy DEXA directly from the app by using the available balance in their account. The wallet will display the user account balance. Here the user can decide how much DEXA they would like to buy. Say the user wants $10USD worth of DEXA, they simply enter the amount and the system will display how much DEXA they will get for it. Once confirmed, the amount will be deducted from the user’s account balance and the tokens will arrive in their Dexa Wallet. This system makes it easy for new users to buy DEXA and also for existing users to buy more. DEXA token holders who hold DEXA outside the app will be able to transfer their tokens to their created blockchain wallet address when they sign up. The tokens can then be used to run the app and also to make use of all its features.

About Dexa Prepaid Cards

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Prepaid cards can be a viable alternative for people without a bank account. Starting a prepaid card is something we want to send and start at a later stage of the project. Users can order a prepaid card and also link the app to this page. Branded prepaid cards can then be used in many cities around the world for shopping, payment and withdrawals.

How DEXA Coin works?

Dexa Coin eliminates intermediaries and all other problems that arise with conventional money transfers and money transfer methods. Only two players participated here, and they provided full transparency.

The Dexa coin application, with its advanced technology, connects the two parties seamlessly to carry out the entire payment transfer process without difficulty. The Dexa Coin application is equipped with several features which together make the whole money transfer process easy for users. Several unique features have been included in the application that provide a competitive advantage for the application.

ICO Details

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Token: DEXA

Type: Utility

Price: 0.00006

Soft Cap: 400,000 USD

Hard Cap: 2,600,000 USD

Start Date: 2019-10-15

End Date: 2019-10-30

Token Sales Allocation

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Fund Allocation

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Adnan Altaf- Founder & CEO

Thomas F. Forsch- Chief Legal Officer

Emanuil Pavlov- Business Development Manager

Perry Whang- Corporate Finance & Token Asset Manager

Jill Foster- Senior PR & Marketing Manager

Stivan Pinto- Senior Operations & Digital Marketing Manager

Yasha Bali- Communications Manager

Zeshan Ejaz- Senior Graphics UI/UX designer

Shehzad Khan- Key Advisor

Muhammad Kashif- Advisor / Marketing & Brand Awareness


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