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Mining Community Lashes Out at Bitcoin Gold Developer Martin Kuvandzhiev

Bitcoin Gold Developer Under Scrutiny For Allegedly Hiding Mining Code as we reported last week the bitcoin gold (BTG) mainnet went live, and mining is now open to the public. When the project first launched it was reported that the mining pool Suprnova had an issue with a chain split situation. The mining community reveals that Suprnova and other BTG pools have stripped the hidden fee protocol from their mining software. According to rumors across forums the creator of BTG, Jack Liao, allegedly kept the pre-mine of 8,000 blocks for himself and speculators believe it provoked Kuvandzhiev to add the code which transfers a hidden fee to his Bulgarian mining pool.

Source: https://news.bitcoin.com/bitcoin-gold-developer-under-scrutiny-for-allegedly-hiding-mining-code/