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Many people move temporarily to other countries to get better opportunities in education or employment. This has led to a rapid increase in the volume of money transfers. Parents send pocket money to their children who are studying abroad and workers send a portion of their income to where their family lives. In addition, international business transactions have also contributed to this increase. If combined, the overall global money transfer in 2018 alone is 689 billion USD.

Money transfer is complicated and the only best available way to do this is through a bank. However, this method is considered no longer fit in modern times like today. Bank transfers cannot be made during emergencies or holidays. It is only available during business hours and weekdays and if someone sends money, it can take days to arrive and charge high transaction fees. To send 200 USD, the average transaction fee charged is around 10-20 USD. Also, the disclosure of several cases of scams and fraud has raised questions about privacy and security in transferring money.

Thanks to the emergence of blockchain technology, now the problem of transferring money can be solved. Blockchain has created a new way to transfer money. By facilitating money transfer with a blockchain, the transaction process will be completed instantly with a transaction fee of less than 1 USD. This can be done at any time, no need to wait for the bank to open. Blockchain also provides privacy and security at the highest level. There are no intermediaries so the process is simplified, there is also no risk of centralized control so that it offers full transparency and security.

A new way to transfer money will be available at Dexa Coin. Dexa Coin simplifies the way to transfer money around the world while allowing people to communicate via instant messaging. Dexa Coin offers ease of use, allowing anyone with an internet connection and a basic understanding of smartphones to be able to transfer money in a safe, fast, and low-cost way. Dexa Coin application will be linked to the user's mobile number and the user's mobile number will be linked to a unique blockchain address. Dexa Coin application is equipped with the following features:

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  1. Money Transfer

Users can send or receive money easily on Dexa Coin application. To send money, users only need to choose the contact to whom they want to send money. Service fees for sending money will be charged with USD equivalent DEXA deducted from the user's wallet. Once the transaction is successful, the recipient will receive a notification in the instant messenger application along with details such as the amount of money, the sender, and the time of receipt.

  1. Instant Messaging

In addition to receiving and sending transfer-related updates, instant messaging can also be used for various purposes such as maintain business relationships, deal with many clients simultaneously about various payments, or communicate with people in the ecosystem.

  1. Instant Payment

Dexa Coin application can be used to pay for daily needs in many countries at any time via NFC or QR code. After making a payment, users will get notifications about payments made and account balances in instant messaging.

  1. Link to Bank Account

Dexa Coin application can be integrated seamlessly with most bank accounts. To link with a bank account, users must go through the KYC verification process for compliance. If the verification is successful, the user can connect the application with payment cards such as Visa or Mastercard. This allows users to deposit funds into their accounts and use these funds to transfer money in the Dexa Coin ecosystem.

  1. Wallet

Dexa Coin wallet is a place where users can hold DEXA tokens, ERC-20 tokens, and Bitcoin. This wallet will have some security and privacy features to ensure the security of digital assets and user privacy. Also, Dexa Coin wallet allows users to easily buy DEXA directly from the application using the available balance in their account.

DEXA Token

Token symbol: DEXA
Token Standard: ERC-20
Total supply: 100 billion DEXA
1 DEXA = 0.00003 - 0.00005 USD

DEXA is a utility token that is used to pay money transfer service fees. Users who hold a certain amount of DEXA in their wallet will receive several privileges such as discounted service fees of up to 80%, monthly transaction summary, and reward points in the form of airdrop or free tokens.

Dexa Coin Roadmap

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