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About Tycoon

Tycoon is a social trading platform founded by professional traders. It is the first social Crypto currency trading platform that solely focused on Cryptocurrency trading. There are classes of people who are interested in making money through Cryptocurrency but they don’t have time, experience, and the skill to trade profitably.This is one of the reason why Tycoon has been established. In Tycoon Platform, professional traders are being followed and copied which simply means any class of users can make a profit on Tycoon. Be it Inexperienced, experienced, or mediocre. The founder of Tycoon has evaluated all existing social trading platform for their but was unable to find any substantial solution that has been created with the traders in mind. All existing solution did not meet the standard and needs of the Proffesional traders.
Tycoon platform has been developed with traders in mind, its a new dimension in Crypto trading entirely and the Team of this project plans to change their entire game in the trading space and allowing everyone to maximize their profit irrespective of their experience in the trading field.
The founders of Tycoon has planned to develop their platform in other to ensure the needs of Pro-Traders are being met in other to achieve adoption.Pro Traders must adopt the platform for it to be useful and beneficial for the retail traders who are wanting to profit, learning trading strategies and become successful traders.

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By using Tycoon platform, the new and inexperienced investors are able to copy the trading style of professional traders. Traders are able to learn to use a demo account, exploring the platform and gaining some experience in Crypto trading. Users have the option of choosing their favorite traders. All necessary instructions to use the Platform are found while navigating. By registering on the platform, users will gain instance access to experienced traders whom they can follow and delegating trading to. Tycoon publish the portfolios of successful trader and their strategies. Investors or retail traders can make the choice among the expert traders they will follow, copying their trading pattern or committing their investment to them for management. Followers or retail traders can copy the trading steps of the traders who don’t have an interest in sharing their trading strategies with the following base.
Tycoon is a Platform founded by a team of Proffesional traders for the traders and it tries to meet the demands of Pro Traders for the sake of gaining a very strong adoption. Retail traders benefit tremendously from the platform, only if they are enough Pro Traders and the larger the pool of traders in the Platform, the more reliable it becomes.Tycoon will function as a secure interface for professional and the retail traders. Every activity of traders are being monitored through secured API connection in real time and are copied to the followers portfolio automatically. Users manage their investment at Preferred exchanges, they are able to access their portfolio at the point in time.

Why Tycoon?
(i) Tycoon enables users to manage their various investment at their preferred exchanges, implementing secured API connection.
(ii) Tycoon has been developed with the highest standard of security which makes sure users investment are not stored on the platform.
(iii) Tycoon allows users gaining access to Bigger exchanges in a single platform.It explores different types of cyptocurrencies and automatically copy assets from Pro Traders.
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Features of Tycoon Platform
Copy Investment: Tycoon allows copy-investment techniques which enable retail traders to copy strategies from the professional traders without entrusting their investment to third parties.
Classified traders: Users can make choice of their choice of Pro-traders after signing up on the Platform. The profile which indicated trading history of each traders are displayed for assessment.
Profit followers: retail traders can also entrust their investment to Successful traders and earning profit on their investment without any efforts or need to trade. ProTraders also from their followers (ROI) return on investment without any efforts.
Privacy Protection: All users on the platform have options to protect their identity for privacy reason.

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