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Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies have paved the way for this generation’s industrial revolution, and we must give it the best opportunity to survive if we’re to pass on the baton to the millennial generation for it to thrive.

We have but one planet to live on. And while we absolutely should thrive and innovate, we must also take care of the environment for ourselves and future generations. Cryptocurrency, backed by the blockchain, is one of the biggest innovations in our history, and it is just getting started. The growth of digital currency has blindsided the world, and the power used in the crypto mining ecosystem is currently produced by non-renewable sources that pollute our air and water. This is a problem that is only getting worse, and it is only one example of the increasing energy demands of our population.

Creating a self-sustaining project in the crypto and blockchain space is the first step to encouraging further innovation and disruption in the renewables sector. To take it one step further, what if those projects invested a portion of their profits to research and development of green energy and renewable initiatives such as higher efficiency green energy sources, new renewable technologies and new forms of recyclables?

While this revolution is gaining wide acceptance, GPM Carbon is financing the launch of innovative production to solve environmental problems.

With that being said, GPM Carbon is a part of GPM Planet group and operates with active carbon production. Due to its physical and chemical properties, activated carbon is a unique and ideal purifying material.

Now that I have your attention, let’s get right to it.

What exactly is GPM CARBON?

As depicted above and as indicated on the official website of GPM CARBON, GPM Carbon is a part of GPM Planet group and operates with active carbon production. Due to its physical and chemical properties, activated carbon is a unique and ideal purifying (sorption) material. Currently, it is difficult to name the sector of the economy where this unique adsorbent is not used. In fact, this is the second material after iron in the breadth of its application.

The GPM-carbon project solves 3 main problems of modern society:

Water resources pollution

Factor leading to changes in the properties of water resources (chemical, physical and biological) as a result of human activities.

Soil pollution

Factor affecting the accumulation of chemicals in soils and grounds as a result of economic and other activities in quantities that degrade the quality of soils and grounds and represent a potential danger to public health and the environment.

Contamination of food

The process of contamination of food products with radionuclides and nitrates, leading to deterioration in the health of consumers of such food, their development of chronic diseases and premature death. GPM Carbon token correlates with the physical volume of the active carbon. 1 Token = 0.1KG of Active Carbon

About The GPMCoin

GPMCoin is not subject to inflation and cryptocurrency volatility. Excellent prospects for the acquisition of GPMCoin in the early stages of the project. Full transparency of investment and implementation of all stages of the project. GPMCoin is a full token.

Participants trust

Each participant can receive finished products (activated carbon) for their purchased GPMCoin. Completely open project information. Team members went through the KYC procedure through a trusted resource.

The Benefits


For the successful implementation of the project, we have a patented innovative technology for the production of the product with the exclusive right to use it

Raw materials

Always available in the required quantity. The quality of raw materials required for the production of activated carbon is one of the best in the world.


The production of a product using our technology significantly reduces its cost compared to the cost of major global manufacturers

Ready to start production

Availability of prepared technological premises. Highly staffed staff. One hundred percent readiness to start production.

Token Benefits

Industrial-oriented blockchain project

Based on real production

Full transparency at all stages

Unique, stable and innovative blockchain product

The opportunity to become the owner of a raw token

Full payback in 18 months

Over $ 1.3 million invested in R&D and Management and Marketing

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Dealing with the competition and competitors

The subject matter experts conducting the study offer a deep understanding of how prominent leaders have managed to navigate the potential buyers and competitive dynamics influencing their brand positioning in the industry The Granular Activated Carbon market analysis provides everything a business owner needs in order to succeed.

Filling in the Gaps

Study aims at providing data about key categories of dynamics such as user awareness and a buyer's purchase intent, as well as trying to list down the relative influence of certain trends on the demand for a certain product or service.

Helping You Establish a Strong Foundation in the Industry

The Granular Activated Carbon report highlights the set of information related to pricing and the category of customers who are more than willing to pay for certain products and services. The information on opportunities as well as product features, determine which offerings or benefits command sales and identify the communications channels are used by the market leaders to create premium positioning strategies as well as attract broadest share.

Apart from the above mentioned content the researchers go an extra mile to define the distinct usage occasions and lists the customer segments to leverage the brand and identify future opportunities. Besides, the subject matter expert segment of the target customers is purely based on their consumption patterns.

Grow With the Trend

The Granular Activated Carbon helps product owners learn how certain trends will shape the growth of the Granular Activated Carbon industry over a long term. The study closely looks at the historical price pattern of various products and services and empowers entrepreneurs to form the right opinion about the future trends. According to him, business owners will be able to decide on their course of action and make a wise decision.

The Advantages

Stable income over the long run based on the market growth and speculative demand

Blockchain project focused on industrial products and supported by real production and cost

Job-proved market business model completely transparent at its every stage

Production start in 6 months

Ability to build long-term financial strategies, the project policy is aimed at increasing the value and popularity of the coin

Financial benefits when participating in the initial stage of the project - Pre-Sale TGE

Stable increase in the capitalization of the project - token cost increase

Why Blockchain Technology?

The entire GPM Carbon ecosystem will be rebuilt with the use of blockchain technology. This will ensure maximum flexibility and security of all transactions in the company.

At the stage of launching the product line under the GPM Carbon brand, all products will be marked and recorded in the blockchain register.

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2013: Development and patenting of the kick-off technology

2015: Production complex modernization

2017: Company's investment in the prototype

2018: Business Plan and Financial Model Development

2109: Conducting a TGE Token Generation Main Event

2020: Launching of core production facilities

2021: Formation of the GPM Carbon ecosystem using blockchain technology

2022: Introduction of the GPM Carbon's own product line to the market


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Strategic planning and overall project management

Expertise in real estate, development and asset management.


International and domestic logistics

Expertise in international and domestic logistics, asset management.


Business planning, analysis and financial control of the project.

Expertise in finance, public administration, marketing and public procurement.


IT Specialist

Internet Marketing.



Project management in investment activities.


IT expert

In the development and launch of IT systems; automation of business processes; Web development, Blockchain, Smartcontract


Marketing expert

Expertise in the field of marketing: promotion of exclusive integrated B2B services and projects in the markets of the USA, Australia and Europe


Production Technology Specialist

Technology, R & D, HR and Administration


Finance specialist

Expertise in financial planning


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CISM for cybersecurity

Expert in secure communications systems and storage, processing and transmission of critical and personal data. An expert in social engineering and countermeasures.



Foreign economic relations. Positioning in global markets. Advisor on business development, marketing and sales strategies for the EU.


ICO / STO Advisor

Business Analyst. Project Manager Scrum Master. Blockchain Expert.

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